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Created by : Hige Is Epic

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Orange

Specific type : ---------


Detail Lumina

Name: Lumina

Gender: Female

Age: Depends on Use

Parents: Unknown but deceased.

Siblings: None

Cubs: None yet..

Mate/Crush: Kurochi {KB}

Likes: Just being happy,Kurochi, Kurochi..and did I mention Kurochi? (XD)

Dislikes: The lion who murdered her parents, not many things.

Personality: Friendly, warm and kind, Lumina is a gentle-natured lioness. Despite her beauty, she is never vain or self-centered. She cares about the welfare of others greatly, even before her own. Yet when she is scared, you dont want to freak her out, she panics, yet is alot calmer if Kurochi is there.

History: Lumina lived a normal life with her parents, that was the day when a rogue killed them in cold blood. The day ahd started out like any other, Lumina and her parents woke up, ate, drank, relaxed, but then, thats when he came. He was instantly seen as a threat even from a mile away, he came over, Lumina's parents were wary. But he acted friendly at first, but once they let their guard down. He attacked, he murdered Lumina's parents right infront of her eyes, terrified, she ran for her life, he lion chased her. As she ran, at one point his claws caught her flank, she ended up with three huge scars on her.

She ran into a cave, that lead to a maze of caverns, the lion let her go, thinking she'd get lost in them and starve to death. Lumina thought she would too, that was untill the day she fiannyl tumbled out of a hole.

What she didnt expect was to land on a very grumpy male lion.

He told her rudely to get lost, she didnt want to, telling him she ahd nowhere to go as a lion had murdered her parents. After she described the lion to him, he surprsingly let her stay, the lion had apprently killed this lion 'Kurochis' sister.

Lumina began to fall for Kurochi, and was thrilled when he started coming out of his hard and cold shell, she loved how around her he acting wilf and free like a cub. Nervous, Lumina confessed her love to him eventually.

At first he was un-responsive, and she took this as a bad sigh and turned to run. But he stopped her by pulling her close, he whispered in her ear, those four words that made hr heart skip a beat. "I love you too~"

The pair became mates, and even though her mate still seeks revenge on the lion, Lumina knows he would never leave without her to achive his goal.

Relation to TLK: Kurochi grew up in Priderock all his cubhood, he was probably friends with Simba and Nala.


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March 03, 2013
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Pierules6--> Sorry, but no.

March 03, 2013
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Hige-Can I make her an adoptive cub?

March 02, 2013
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Re-vamped Lumina and her bio~

April 01, 2012
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ohh yeah sheesh i was worried

April 01, 2012
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Zira is not check out the comments and youll see

April 01, 2012
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ive heard of the update unbelive able i might have a word with them i mean all my chars took i just dont get it why now why here its so unfiar i mean all my hard work for will take me a whole year to make them all agian i might speak to a moderaiters and sandstorm uts not a prank it is realyl happining

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Yeah it is.

April 01, 2012
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there is no need to worry cos i was a April fools day prank
It is april fools day isnt it?

April 01, 2012
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Yeah,I don't want my characters that took forever to make.But at the minute lets not worry about it okay?

April 01, 2012
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What if they deleate all our stuff


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