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Leona (hs)

Leona (hs)


Created by : happystool

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Light grey

Specific type : ---------


Detail Leona (hs)

What does she look like?
Leona is an average-sized lioness who warm gray-brown and beige fur with a lighter undercoat. Like most members of her pride, she had circular markings above and below her eyes, with her top lid being darker like her tail and her bottom being lighter like her undercoat. Her nose is a pale sandy pink color and her eyes are pale, rusty orange.

What is her personality like?
Leona is very laid-back and a "go with the flow" kind of lioness. She isn't lazy by any means, but she won't turn down an opportunity to take a moment and relax. She loves sunbathing and naps. She's very considerate of those around her and tries to include everyone in whatever she's doing if she wishes for the company and they oblige.

Any family?
Leona's father, Moya, is deceased due to a hunting accident. Her mother, Savanna, little brother, Nel, and an uncle and cousin she's never met are her only known living relatives. She has a mate, Kat, and an adopted cub, Bibi.

Where does she live?
Leona, her mother, and brother were previously loners. Leona now resides in Ni's Pride, a small pride consisting of about 30 members. The pride consists of lions, wild dogs, and caracals.

What's her story?
Leona was born to her mother, Savanna, and father, Moya. Leona was a rambunctious little punk who didn't listen to anyone. If she knew she was about to do something potentially dangerous though, she would back off. Shortly after her mother became pregnant with her little brother, Nel, her father perished while teaching her to hunt. She and her mother were both shaken, but depsite the circumstances, Nel was born healthy. As Leona grew, she began to calm down a lot. She still maintained a fun attitude when she played with her brother, but she knew she was responsible for Nel and her mother, just as Savanna was responsible for her children. She missed her father dearly, but knew she had to be strong for Nel. The family was doing well for themselves, at least until a scuffle broke out between her mother and hyenas looking to snag their dinner. 

This scuffle left Savanna injured and in need of immediate help. So, the family unit set off to try and find someone who could help; they could be lions, baboons, zebras-- anything that was friendly. They happened upon a pride led by a lion named Ni. After explaining their situation, he brought them into his pride with open arms, and Savanna was able to get the help she needed. Leona befriended a lioness close in age to her, Kat, and the two became close quickly. As young adults, the pair became mates after realizing they had feelings for each other, and not just the friendly-friend kind of feelings. Nel and Savanna absolutely loved Kat, which left Leona feeling that what they were doing was right.

A little ways down the road, Kat returned from one of her "me time" walks with a little baby, and boy was Leona shocked. However, she was more than happy to adopt the cub and raise it alongside Kat. The cub was named Bibi, after a long since passed relative of Kat's.


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