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Laini (chole)

Laini (chole)


Created by : cholello

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Yellow

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Laini (chole)

Personal Information

Name: Laini

Gender: Female

Apearance: Laini is a slim lioness with golden fur, as well as both dark and light patches around her eyes. She also has a light pink nose and deep red eyes.

Personality: Laini is a calm, yet expressive lioness. Although most of the time she keeps to herself, she can and will express strong opinions. Laini is also a bit of a prankster, but not many know due to the fact that she is very stealthy. However, Laini always has a heart for her pride and will take most duties seriously.

Pride: Southern Pride (currently)


Unnamed parents, Nuru (mate), Matari (father-in-law), Subira (mother-in-law), Taji (brother-in-law), Sarafina (sister-in-law), Nala (niece), Mheetu (nephew)


Laini was born in the Southern Pride. Her younger years weren't very eventful.However, Laini was betrothed to the crown prince, Taji, who was a few months older than her. She grew up spending a lot of time with the prince, who tried his best to entertain the cub who would one day be his queen. Although, Laini found herself more attracted to the younger prince, Nuru. She would always search for him to do what cubs do best to older lions: annoy. Nuru would somehow manage to tolerate the pesky cub and even found a strong bond with Laini.

When Laini became older, she began to have feelings for Nuru. However, she knew her duty was to marry Crown Prince Taji and lead the Southern Pride, so she kept her feelings hidden. Laini understood that not only did she not love Taji, but the feelings were mutual. She noticed his many trips to the Pride Lands and could only suspect one reason why. Soon, Laini's theories would be confirmed when Taji announced his release of the throne and rumors of his affair with a Pride Lands lioness spread like wildfire.

With this chapter of her life at a close, Laini started to spend time with Nuru once again. Although he was a prince, most couldn't understand why a lioness like Laini would settle for the second prince instead of fighting for Taji's heart, but she knew that she and Nuru were the only ones who would ever need to know the answer to that question.

Most blamed Laini when Taji disappeared, claiming that she could've kept him in the Southern Lands away from the hyena-infested Pride Lands. Nuru seemed to be the only one who understood that she did nothing wrong. However, it wasn't long before the pride began to accept Laini back. It was this event that inspired her to take in young Neema, a troubled orphan cub who had been under the care of the pride since her birth when her mother died. Neema wasn't much of a cub anymore, so Laini acted as more of a sister than a mother.

When Mheetu came to the Southern Lands, Laini was very excited to have a nephew, so she would often tag along on him and Nuru's lessons. One day, Laini brought along Neema, who almost immediately developed a crush on Mheetu. Of course, she was a little protective of her little sister, but it wasn't long before she lightened up. Soon, Laini started to look forward to cubs of her own as well as the next rulers of the pride.

Relation to The Lion King

Laini was betrothed to Taji, who would eventually become Nala and Mheetu's father. However, instead she became the mate of Nuru, their uncle, and became their aunt. She would often spend time with Nuru, Mheetu, and Neema.


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salty :>
Thanks Priya! My style has been a little inconsistent since I did take a time off of drawing and now I’m a bit rusty. I also am lacking proper programs and tools to do digital, but I try :>

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I love how you draw your lions!!

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