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Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Lai




Male (He/Him)

Sexual Orientation:



  • Scar (father)
  • Zira (mother)



Love Interest:


Relation to tlk:

Son of Zira and Scar


Lai is very carefree and relaxed, and chooses not to stress and instead enjoys the little things in life, and not worry so much about the future. Though it may save him the stress, his future is undecided and he can seem a bit reckless to others. He's also a "lady's man" as a direct result of this recklessness, and moves from one mate to the next. He never seems to hold one down for more than a few months.


During his terrifying reign, Scar found himself needing an heir who would take his position after his death. Because of this, Zira, a lioness of the pride who adored Scar, stepped up to help carry any cubs he desired.

The first cub they had together, Nuka, was born prematurely, and was deemed too weak to ever be king: So, the to tried again, and Lai was born, healthy and strong.

Scar was horrified to find that, his very own son, held a striking resemblance to his late brother Mufasa, particularly as his mane grew in. He had had enough. He scorned zira for not being able to give him what he wanted, and ordered the hyenas to "get rid" of the little furball. Lai, not much older than a preteen, managed to escape, leaving the pridelands for (what he believed) good.

Lai lived his preteen/teenage days as a rogue, before settling down in a small pride. Although he was accepted there, he wasn't liked so much due to his habit of trying to chat up the lioness of the pride, which made them and their mates particularly uncomfortable- but they stuck with him regardless.

When Lai is much older, the pridelands make contact with his small pride, looking for an oppurtunity for an alliance, or perhaps to expand the reach of the pridelands. They sent along a particular lioness, namely Wasi - who was an advisor to queen kiara.  Lai was instantly smitten with her, and (with a little help from his good friend kusai) attempted to woo her... However, when he realised she was from the pridelands, he..... started to worry? what is this emotion.
Hearing that the pridelands were no longer ruled over by scar, and was now in a better place, was comforting.... however, he could not shake the trauma that had happened to him during his time there. The prospect of returning terrified him, and having to face his fears and return was a bit more than what he could manage with his chill vibes


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