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Detail Kya(SF)

Yesung9 said I could make a younger sibling for her Tifuu and Kion cubs thankyou for letting me:)

Name: Kya(Meaning”Diamond in the sky”in Swahili)

Breed: African lion

Gender: Female

Parents: Kion and Tifuu

Siblings: Kibwe, Chiku, and Dalila(c)Yesung9

Friends: Chiku, Dalila, Zuberi, Nuru, Sudi and Azizi(c)Yesung9

Crush: Nuru(c)Yesung9

Foes: Zalika and Kibwe(c)Yesung9

Cousins: Sudi, Zalika, Azizi, and Zuberi(c)Yesung9

Grandparents: Simba and Nala, Zira and Scar

Aunts: Kiara and Vitani

Uncles: Nuka and Kovu

Personality: Shy, caring towards others she gets along with anyone in the pridelands. She loves to hear about stories about the lion guard and the pridelands. When she’s older she is like her father Kion, and a bit from her mother Simba sometimes said she even has her great grandmother Sarabi’s personality inside her.

Likes: Stories about the lion guard, her family, sunshine

Dislikes: Being bullied, fighting, blood, getting blamed on


Distinguishing Features: Yellow orange fur, small hair tuft thats pushed forward. White cream ear rims, two spots on her ears like her mother Tifuu her ear rims are like her dad’s they don’t dissappear when she reaches adulthood. Upper eyelids are dark brown and lower eyelids are pale creamy yellow she has three spots under her eyes. She has colorless paws darkish red eyebrows. She has a stocky build like her aunt Kiara and her aunt Vitani. her chin and cheek fur come from her grandmother Nala She has a pink nose that came from cub nala. Her tail tuft is red like her dad’s mane color. She has a blaze in front of her nose and she has emerald eyes like her Uncle Kovu.

Realation To TLK: Kion and Tifuu’s daughter

History: Kya was a surprise to Kion and Tifuu they thought Chiku was their last cub until Kya was born. Tifuu wanted to name her Kya and the name stuck because she was Kion’s little diamond but he loved all of his cubs dearly. Kya was a sickly cub when she was born making her small then the rest of the cubs of the pride but she proved to be a survivor.

As time went on she had become a playful and shy cub always hanging out with her younger sibling Chiku and cousin Azizi sometimes they would all play together and were the best of friends.

One day Kya saw how Zalika and her group of friends were treating Sudi by hitting him she tried to stick up for Sudi but that only made her get hurt and whats worse was that her brother Kibwe was in Zalika’s group. She tried to talk to him to get out of the group but it made things worse for her so she just stayed away from Zalika and her group of friends. 

Soon Kya saw Nuru an outlander male cub sticking up for Sudi her cousin and she started to have feelings for him and kept them to herself hoping no one would find out that she has a crush. Zalika figured it out and this started a fight between her and her cousin but Kya didn’t want to fight and tried to get out of the fight but Kibwe blocked her it wasn’t until Nuru and Sudi had stepped in to protect Kya from getting hurt and soon she had some feelings for Nuru after what he did for her.

Soon Kya had become an adult her feelings for Nuru had become strong but was afriad to admit them to him.


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April 29, 2019
South_korea Female Is not currently on the site
Alright~~~ :icon335: I will draw the full bodies soon!

April 26, 2019
Usa Is not currently on the site
That would be awesome if you could I would like to see her as an adult too:):TLKhappy:

April 26, 2019
South_korea Female Is not currently on the site
If you like I could draw a full body for her page :TLKlove:

April 26, 2019
Usa Is not currently on the site
I’m glad you like her!:) Sorry its blurry but she has a small hair tuft and three spots under her eyes like her sister Dalila.

April 26, 2019
South_korea Female Is not currently on the site
AHH SHE IS SO CUTE!!! Instafaves~ :TLKlove:

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