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Kupa (MM)

Kupa (MM)


Created by : MoonMonster

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Yellow

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Kupa (MM)

Basic Information:

Name: Kupa

Name meaning: Comes from the swahili word for "fight"

Gender: Male

Age: Used mostly as a cub and adult

Breed: African Lion


Parents: Open

Siblings: Open

Mate: Taba (Also mine)

Cubs: Open

Any other family: Open

Friends/Foes: Open

Other Info:

Likes: Fighting, Taba, Haraka

Dislikes: Death, Wivu

Pride: Born and raised in Scar's, as an adult he's in Simba's

Appearence: Kupa's mane is a lightish brown, while the rest of his fur is a cream color. He has green eyes and brown ears, and it is also brown around his eyes; he has a black nose and brown tail tip.


Personality: Kupa loves to fight; any type, play fighting, serious fighting, etc. He'd defend his pride quick with a battle move. He was taught this by Scar, before Simba came, and he is one of the pride's best fighters. He shows no mercy when fighting, and gives his best when training. However, despite his love for fighting, he hates death. Never once has he driven a battle as close to where he killed someone. Never. He also wants the ones he loves to be happy. He usually goes out of his way to please his family, such as Taba. He can be very caring when it comes to them, and is known for cheering them up when they'd be sad or upset. For this, he's loved by many.


Kupa was born in Scar's region. He was one of Mheetu's good friends growing up. However, Scar noticed how strong he was and thought about making him heir. This was before Kovu was born. Nuka was a cub then as well, and wanted to prove to Scar that he was better than Kupa. He attacked Kupa one day to show he was stronger. Unfortunatly for Nuka, though, this fight Kupa won. Scar made up his mind and started training with him, making hin strong enough to battle anything. He used hyenas for Kupa to fight and before long Kupa was very strong. Not long afterward, Kovu was born and Scar drew his intrest into him. Kupa never knew about Scar wanting to originally make him heir, so once he became so intrested in Kovu, Kupa went back to Mheetu.

Not too long later, a lioness wanted to chat with him. The two talked about Scar, the hyenas, and the lioness asked for his name. He replied, and she said her name was Taba. They became best friends and did everything together. As they got to know more about eachother, Kupa found out that Taba's parents were killed by Scar and she was being raised by Sarafina. He also was told that she had a brother and sister who was here as well, and that she was born in a pride far away from Pride Rock. He told her that he was once trained by Scar, until his adopted son was born. Kupa began to develop a crush in her as they played together. Kupa showed her some fighting moves, and Taba, a brilliant hunter, showed him hunting moves.

As they grew older, Kupa wanted to make her his mate, but she had a brother who didn't like him. His name was Wivu. The two hated each other and didn't get along. Wivu knew about Kupa liking his sister and forbid them to ever elope. He really wanted her but he knew Wivu would kill him. The reason Wivu didn't like him was because he knew Scar taught him deadly was to battle. He was convinced that Kupa was a dangerous lion and had to be killed, but Wivu knew if he did it he would be punished as a murderer.  So he made sure he stayed away from his sister, but everythime Wivu's tail was turned, Kupa would go to Taba. They did indeed eventually become mates, much to Wivu's dislike.  They plan on having cubs someday, as soon as they make sure Wivu isn't a threat.


Adopted from Michael Jackson; so credit to design goes to her.

Bases: Head-shot is (c) to Silversky, detail (c) to QuinnBases; both on DA

Relation to TLK: Lived in Scar's Pride; Currently in Simba's; Mate's Parent's Killed by Scar; Scar's Former heir; Trained by Scar; Fought Nuka and Won; Was best friends with Mheetu


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