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Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

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Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Yellow

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Detail Kuoneana

Name : Kuoneana

Meaning : flirting in Yoruba

Gender : male

Sexual Orientaion: Heterosexual/Heteromantic

Age : same age as Rani (teenager 14 in humans years)

Parents : he got an adoptive father named Damien (after he got hurt from Rani)

Siblings : Oli and Awoba and Aithne(adopted siblings)

Crush : Rani(former)

Mate: doesn't want any

Family : he sees Damien as his adoptive dad and his siblings too

Personality : smooth and a romantic young male, he can gentle sweet and kind to the people he cares about. once people hurt him he can crack easily.

Likes : his adopted father and his  adopted siblings 'helping others, when others don't lie or cheat on him

Dislikes : Rani, lies and cheating ,evil and bad times

Story : Kou was born as an orphan,hoping to have some parental figure for him. from a young age he knew how to rely and help for himself. as a cub he knew everything to survive in his young age but knowing that being alone is a bit sad,he began to take a journey to the tree of life but soon he took the wrong way and got lost in the desert. Kuo looked for food to hunt and searched for some place to crash down. seasons passed and he was a teenager, now was ready to continue his journey to the tree of life. once he reached there, he saw a beautiful place with lots of animals and lions too. he met Queen Janna, Nirmala, Surak and of course the lions in his age Baliyo and Rani.

at first Kuo was nervous to talk to the lions, so Rani began to help him and teach him. once they knew eachother they began to be close and soon they had a short romance which lasted for a month or two.

soon he realized he was a tool in Rani's paws as he saw from a far how the new lion who was named Kion was being in the same ways that Rani helped him for a while.

he was broken and hurt by how Rani used him, he said goodbye to the tree of life and ran to be a rouge again soon he stambled on a lion who was older than him who was named Damien and he adopted the young male as his soon, the duo of the two lions as a father and son wondered around the African Savannah as two rouges soon three other lions joined him and we he was a brother to them

Why she is related to TLK : was living at the tree of life and a former lover of Rani's




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