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Created by : Aleu15.

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Kumvi(A15.)

bio to be updated!


Name: Kumvi

Meaning: ? (There isn't one)

Pronouced As: (Kum- V)

Nicknames: Kumy, Princey,

Age: Cub/Teenager/Adult

Gender: Female

Mother: Kula

Father: Chumvi

Siblings: Heartless(Brother)

Mate: Katie(C)Me

Cubs: Kay(Daughter), Sangha(Son), and Kumal(Son)

Personality: Kumvi is very sensative, he finds it very upsetting when death happens at the pride and wishes it were him than the other person, He is very happy on ocastions it depends on the weather, If its hot and muggy Kumvi is unhappy, If its wet and rainny out Kumvi is happy, and everything else depends

Likes: Hunting, Being with his family, Playing with the Northland and Prideland cubs, Sleep, Taking walks in the rain, Helping others when there sad, Adventures,

Dislikes: How he was un-fairly banned from the pridelands, Kovu, Fear of loosing his cubs, Deaths, Fighting, Heartless getting in the way, Rouhges,

Main Fur Color: Brown with Dark brown around his eyes

Undercoat Color: Tanish

Mane Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Light yellow, and Light Red

Past Pride: Northlands

Rank: Prince

Current Pride: Northlands

Rank: King

Relation To TLK: Son of Kula and Chumvi

History: Kumvi was born in the Northlands as a young cub and was raised to be King, But before he could his parents had to Betrode him to a princess Thats when Kula had an Idea and wanted to join prides with the Pridelanders so they could all be one big pride, So Kumvi and his sister Sajatarious went to meet Kovu and Kiara's Daughters Ayla and Katie, Kovu had already told Chumvi and Kula that Ayla would be betrode to him... But during the time they were talking Katie, Ayla, Kumvi and Sajatarious ran off to play. Kumvi and Katie seemed to be very interested in each other so Saja and Ayla left them, It wasnt before long when Sajatarious came back crying for help, She was Upset because Ayla was attacked by a Hyena. Kumvi knew what to do and he ran to help while Katie and Sajatrious went to get there parents. When Kumvi got to Ayla he put up a fight with the Hyena but it was too strong and pushed Kumvi out of the way and took off with Ayla, Kumvi sat there Crying in paine, Thats when everyone showed Up. As they saw that Kumvi was covered in blood they were fearful about Ayla


Kumvi: Sir the Hyena ran off with her, I tried to fight it off but it was too strong for me. I'm sorry.


Kumvi: I'm just a cub.

Thats when Kovu got to mad and banished Kumvi forever, Kumvi was confused and sad and beileved it was his fault Ayla was dead.... Years pasted and Kumvi was out hunting when he ran into a beautiful Lioness, He went up to her to find out it was Katie his childhood friend, he was over joyed and glad she's okay

Katie: I've Missed you a lot

Kumvi: So did I

The Two young Lions when on a walk and it started to get dark out and Katie had to be getting home, But Kumvi didn't want her to leave(More to finish) 

Original Adopted From: Namacub98



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let’s go lesbians!
Kumvi actually means Fiber o. o Google Translate showed me XD

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