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Koda (NT1)

Koda (NT1)


Created by : LittleDrew

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark red

Specific type : ---------


Detail Koda (NT1)

-"I will make you proud of me, dad. If it's the last thing I ever do..."-

―Koda, promises to himself, revenge for Scar.

Name: Koda

Meaning: The Ally (in Dakota)

Age: depends on the use

Gender: Male lion 

Parents: Scar and Athena

Siblings: Kirian (blood) Kovu, Vitani and Nuka (half siblings)

Mate: None

Cubs: None

Alignment: Villain.

Status: Alive

Appearance: Koda's hair is a little lighter than Scar's, his eyes are green like that of the same one, his mane and tail tuft is color mixed with that of Scar and Athena, which turned a very dark brown.

has triangular nose like those of an OutLander, its physical is like the body of Simba, strong and great. (He pulled this from his paternal grandfather.)

Personality: Koda is a sweet boy as his mother was, Naughty and playful.
But he is also strong, as prince often does not let him face it, is protective and kind to his siblings.

Koda when grown up It's a little rude, still protective and strong but his aspect can change on a time.

Like And Dislikes:. Koda likes a lot of challenges, venturing and playing with his siblings, and hates take his peace or they hurt someone who loves or cares. ( like as Athena also hates fakes friends.)


• (Scar's reign events)

Born between times when Scar was the king of PrideLands, Koda the son of Scar and Athena, was born with his sister (who is younger than him.) On one of the days that the kingdom was struggling, the lionesses went hungry, which resulted in the death of her mother after childbirth.

Scar then decided to leave Koda, to the care of Sarabi and Kirian in the care of another lioness of the kingdom.
Koda grew up with Sarabi being her foster mother, who hid nothing from the little one (she did not even hide that she was his adopted mother.)

Koda also grew up on the care of Scar and Sarabi, in which led to being confused with which one should follow the further steps.
Scar had chosen him as the heir to the PrideLands as soon as he ceased to be the monarch, and so it was, Koda being the prince, Scar's blood, many lionesses wanted him to be harmed by what happened some time after he was born. (in the case, Scar because of the difficulty of food found, decided to kill some of the pups of the kingdom among them some of these lionesses.)

After Simba's return, Koda witnessed his own father's death, but did not see the hyenas who had murdered him, so, like Zira, he blamed Simba.

After a dispute between Zira and Simba for this, Simba exiled Zira, Sarabi begged Simba that Koda could stay with them, but the stubbornness that swallowed Simba did not allow it, so Zira who took Koda, Vitani, Nuka and Kovu and along with another group of lionesses who joined her went to exile, where they would remain until a certain time.

Kirian had not been together for the sake of his foster mother and Sarabi.

• (TLK2 events)

Koda now lived with Zira as her foster mother, Zira consumed her mind, claiming that Simba had been the culprit of all this.
Koda grew up with Kovu and Vitani (a little older) still being the heir to Scar, Zira decided to leave him as his right hand on the plane of revenge against Simba.

As soon as he learned that Simba had a daughter, he and Zira armed the plan with Kovu and blabla (the events of TLK2.)

Now Koda as an adult would have to struggle to assume what Simba had "taken from him" and thus begins the war that also happens in The lion king 2


Relation with TLK: PrideLand's and Outland's Heir, Scar's and Athena's Son, sibling of Kirian, Kovu,Vitani and Nuka.


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