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Kobee (LF)

Kobee (LF)


Created by : lioness_fan(Jess)

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Kobee (LF)

Visit a Group on DeviantART dedicated exclusively to Kobee and Kiana's relationship HERE!


Name: Kobee
Pronunciation: Koe-Bee
Name Meaning: --
Nicknames: Kobe (Koe-b), Ko (Koe)
Genes (Appearance):
58% Mother
42% Father
Breed: African Lion
Voice: Jeremy Sumpter


Generation: Kiara’s
Father: Kobee (Deceased)
Mother: Nala (TLK)
Grandmother(s): Sarafina (TLK) & Deceased
Grandfather(s): Ni (TLK) & Deceased
Full: Deceased
Half: Kopa & Kiara. (TLK)
Crush: Kiana (Charlee)
Crushers: Kiana
Mate: Kiana
Cub(s): None yet.
Role Model/Teacher: Kima (Deceased)
Relation to The Lion King:
- Nala’s son
- Sarafina and Ni’s grandchild
- In Simba’s Pride


Pride: Simba's
Rank: Half prince and third in line for throne.
Past Prides: None.
Past ranks: Rogue
Alpha Male: Simba.
Alpha Female: Nala
Birth Pride: Simba's (Scar at the time)



Scars: None yet.
- Rejection
- To create a family and be a successful father.
- Speed
- Wit
- Being alone or having one on one time with someone.
- Being in charge of everyone
- Being told what to do
- Being the centre of attention
- Being pushed around
Other: Blind in one eye since birth.
Personality: Kobee is a sincere and loyal lion, his background moulded him into the strong lion that he was and for this he was grateful. He is honest and kind and he doesn’t believe in violence but as a last resort he isn’t afraid to lash out every now and again. Because of his past Kobee became one of the most trustworthy lions around and his extensive knowledge means that he is smarter than most. Kobee is also extremely protective and can easily get jealous as he fears losing the one's he loves.

During Scar’s reign things were immensely hard at Pride Rock for everyone. Nala, having thought Simba was otherwise deceased for years, met a young lion named Kobee. Kobee wasn’t very popular among the pride but he was loyal and he provided Nala with security, shelter, love and food. She fell hard for him and for a long time they were very happy together. When Nala found out that she was expecting she and Kobee were overjoyed and they migrated to a larger spot in the den where they could successfully raise their upcoming family.
Shortly before the arrival of their cubs Kobee unintentionally disobeyed Scar; he was dragged away by Hyena’s and murdered as punishment. This didn’t come as a shock as this was the primary penalty to overruling Scar and happened every day but Nala was distraught. She could never imagine raising her family by herself and a few days later she gave birth to two little cubs. One was stillborn, possibly due to stress during pregnancy but the other one was a healthy little boy. She named him Kobee after her mate and she vowed that she would never let Scar do anything to hurt him. Unfortunately Kobee was born with one eye that was blind, most likely another side effect from the trauma.
Just after Kobee’s birth, Simba returned to Pride Rock and defeated Scar. He and Nala were reunited and being her childhood sweetheart their romance blossomed. At first Simba accepted Kobee, he was only new to the family and he knew Kobee had earned his place. But very soon he grew to feel bitter about the cub, he resented Kobee each time he laid eyes on him and in a fit of rage he ordered Nala to send the cub away. Nala was distraught but Simba was king and she had to do what she was told, she handed Kobee to a rogue that was passing by.
The rogue was named Kima and he was a beaten up, old lion who by looking at anyone could tell that his years hadn’t been kind to him. He was grateful for receiving Kobee and promised Nala that he would raise Kobee into a sensible, mature young lion. Kima was tough on Kobee but he was fair and as he grew, they were all each other had. Kima taught Kobee the ways of life, he taught him to hunt and which grounds held the most accessible food. He taught him where and when zebras were easiest to catch and the correct technique to hunt gazelle (Kobee’s favourite). They made do, they ate every few days and they wandered to new lands when they could so that no nearby prides could become territorial. They never moved far but each time they always found somewhere cool, the hot sun was too much for Kima to handle in his old age and Kobee had learnt to adjust his lifestyle so that he could help his adoptive father as much as possible.
Although Kima was open about how he had obtained Kobee and was informative about Kobee’s birth pride and parents, Kobee still thought of Kima as his father. He figured blood could never come between the hard years that Kima had put into him and he was in no place to go and find the family that had abandoned him over the lion who had always made him his first priority. They didn’t have much between them but their bond was strong and they were grateful for the life they had.
In Kobee’s late teen years he awoke one day to find Kima fast asleep, which was strange as the old lion was usually the first awake each day. He decided that Kima needed his sleep and he wandered off to find some form of breakfast and when he returned with a small catch he stopped in his tracks. Kima hadn’t moved, dropping his food he rushed to Kima’s side to discover that the lion had died in his sleep. Kobee didn’t leave Kima’s side for three days; he was heartbroken and didn’t know what to do with his life.
Finally he made the decision to search for his birth pride and reunite with his family. He was too young to make it by himself even with his knowledge and without Kima curiosity had gotten the better of him. After the long journey he stumbled across Pride Rock and as he padded up to it he was greeted by Nala, she recognised him at first glance but he had no idea who she was and asked her had she heard of a lion with the name of Nala. She silently discussed her options with herself before revealing to him that she was Nala and after a few awkward moments the two began speaking as if they had known each other for years. Nala exposed the truth behind why she had given him away and she admitted she had lived with regret ever since this.
Kobee wasn’t bitter as he loved the life he had been given and instead he suggested they wipe the slate clean. Nala invited him to join her family and after what was noticeably a heated discussion between Simba and Nala they agreed that he could. He was introduced to his siblings Kopa and Kiara and Kopa’s soon to be mate Kiana. She was gorgeous and he fell for her in an instant. But she was betrothed to his brother, and with a father and king that already hated him he knew he had no chance with her. But still there was hope that one day they would end up together, and just that is what they did.

Keep in mind(when rendering):
- Blind eye.
- Strange markings on belly, see other images if confused.
Head base: Me
Body base: Me


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