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Kivuli {SS}

Kivuli {SS}


Created by : Hige Is Epic

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark grey

Specific type : ---------


Detail Kivuli {SS}

Basic Info

Name: Kivuli

Meaning: Shade

Age: Depends on use

Gender: Male

Relation to TLK: Nukas Brother and Scar and Ziras son


Father: Scar

Mother: Zira

Siblings: Nuka


Likes: Nuka, hearing about the good King mufasa from the other lionessess.

Dislikes: How Scar ignores him and Nuka, Hyenas, starvation,

Personality: Kivuli is a rather cheeky cub, but he seems very wise. He thinks things through before he acts but if someone hurts his brother in any way he will fight. He is always cheeking the Hyenas, and his mother.


Kivuli was born just after Nuka, Zira kept him form Scars sight as first. Not that Scar cared though, as seeing as Kivuli was like Nuka. From an early age he would give his mother, Zira, cheek. She didnt like it that much so she punished him by not letting him in the cave all day. He didnt care though, he just ran off with Nuka to play. Him and Nuka had regular run ins wiht the Hyenas, who hoped they could catch the cubs away form the pride, they wanted to eat them. Luckily Kivuli always got him and his brother out of their clutches.

One day he and Nuka found a secret cavern in priderock, they found a high ledge inside and claimed it as their hideout. He and Nuka played in their regulary, and had loads of fun. They even hid in their when the Hyenas were chasing them, or when they had annoyed Zira again.

One day a battle happend at Priderock, Prince Simba had returned to reclaim the throne. So Kuvuli and Nuka hid in their cavern, curled up in each others fur. But then the fire spread into the cave and thye were trapped. he and Nuka yelled for help. Luckily Zira was nearby and discovered the two. She saved them from the flames, and hearded them outside. Then suddenly they saw Scar land  not to far away, and they hyenasa attacked him. Kivuli and Nuka hid their faces in their mothers fur, as she sobbed into the night.

After the flames died down Kivuli and Nuka ran over to their fathers body, he was still breathing! but then he looked at his two sons and whispered."Im sorry.... i shouldve cared more about you.. I love you my little ones...." Then Scar died. Kivuli and Nuka cried into the night, their dad had ammited that he loved them and now he was gone. Kivuli shed tears  alongside Nuka.

When he stopped crying he looked at his mother who was staring with Hate, at Simba who was roaring into the sky. Strangely he didnt feel any anger towards Simba, only confusion.

When thye were exiled after Zira did something bad, Kivuli didnt want to leave he was scared. But he didnt have much choice as Zira had already carried Nuka ahead in her mouth, he wasnt leaving his brother!

They lived in the Outlands but he knew his home was at Priderock, when Zira brought three cubs Kovu, Vitani and Masozi back woth her from hunting one day. he knew something was up. The day kovu wandered off to play with a pridelander caled Kiara, Kivuli siesed his chance! He and Nuka tried to get back to Priderock but Nuka had second thoughts and dawled for too long. One of the Outlanders found them near the bored and chased them back to the Termite mounds.

After that he gave up on escape plans but always dreamed on returing to the pridelands.

When Nuka died in th log accident he was devasted, but was happy again once he found out thtrta his brother had only lapsed into a coma and woken up before the Gourge flowded.

 Relation to TLK: Scar and Zira's son, Nuka's brother.

Adopted from Lionsoulkopa


base(c) Me


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