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Detail Kivonce

"Don't stop until you make it to the top."


Name: Kivonce

Pronunciation: Keyv-ahnce

Meaning: pride

Gender: Male

Appearance: cream colored male lion with a blonde mane and tail tuft. He has darker ear rims and a darker nose tip. He also has brown eyes and a darker strip in his muzzle. His right ear has a nick in it. His fur (that around his face and elbows and such) is upturned instead of the stereotypical look)

Parents: Vashkartzen and Sapphira © Sierra. ; Nida

Siblings: Vladimir © Sierra. (originally thought half-brother; in reality they are full blood brothers)

Crush: Hatisay (as a cub)

Mate(s): none / not interested

Cubs: none

Personality: Kivonce is a very stubborn lion. Being raised by Nida has turned Kivonce into a bit of a ruthless opportunity seeker who’s unafraid of harming others to get what he truly wants. This trait f his is more dormant than his mother though. Kivonce is easily irritated and he often lashes back with vicious words. He claims to be honest but is often brutal in doing so. Since he grew up as the prince born to the Queen of his pride, Kivonce has also developed high self esteem and regard for himself. He strictly believes that he deserves the most of anything and will go out of his way to ensure he gets it all. He’s not an inherently bad lion, and he is very capable of changing his opinion if he thinks it is the better choice.

History: Kivonce was thought to be the son of Vashkartzen and Nida. In his younger years especially, the young male learned a great deal of hatred from his mother. Whilst she did well in taking care of him, Kivonce often found himself training in fighting, hunting, and all the proper ways with which he could rule the pride instead of playing and exploring. Since he was only ever let off his training duties when family outside the pride came to visit, Kivonce’s was only ever able to act his own age when his cousin Hatisay and his aunt Tama came to visit. Because of this Kivonce began to strongly associate freedom and fun with his cousin, whom he developed a crush on as a cub. Due to his mother’s observant eye and way with words, however, Kivonce was slowly turned against his golden pelted cousin. Nida had no interest in letting Kivonce confide or become close to anyone but her. Vashkartzen, seeing the rather upsetting nature of Kivonce decided that Kivonce’s half-brother Vladimir would receive the throne when the time was right. Since he had been raised all his life to believe that the throne belonged to him and that his half brother was undeserving, this news was extremely upsetting to Kivonce. Despite all his mother’s attempts to persuage his father otherwise, Vash declared Kivonce unfit to rule. Kivonce slowly became more and more angry with his half-brother and took it upon himself to best him in every way that he could simply to prove that he was better. When it came to fighting technique or strategy, hunting, decision making and even dealing with other prides, Kivonce made it a point to showcase his “greater” capability. When the two sons reached teenhood, Kivonce had become fully engrossed in his beliefs that no lion could assuage him against fighting for the throne. The treatment his mother Nida received from his ever-absent father did not help the situation, as Kivonce knew that his father’s lover Sapphira was the cause of the trouble and he hated her as much as what he assumed she hated him and his mother. He often went out of his way to be cruel to her (in words at least) and upset her as that was the only thing he could do to avenge his mother’s feelings. When Kivonce and Vladimir were finally adults, the time came to pass on the throne. Their father of course picked Vladimir, despite all that Kivonce had done to show he was better. This “final” decision infuriated Kivonce. He spent some days away from the pride speaking to his cousin Hatisay, who warned him not to try anything. The two were long forgotten friends as Kivonce had been told and made to stay away from Hatisay as a cub. Kivonce was still so convinced that he ought to be king despite all of his cousin’s reasoning and pleading. He returned to witness his half-brother’s ascension, and when the end of the ceremony came about, Kivonce took it upon himself to stop it. He attacked his half-brother, and the two fought until near death. It wasn’t until it got to that point that Kivonce’s mother Nida placed herself between the two males and confessed to what she had done. When Kivonce was born, he was born to Vashkartzen and Sapphira, not herself. She admitted that she had wanted an heir and that she had seen no better option. Of course, this admission meant that Kivonce and Vladimir were in fact full blood brothers. All the prides that had been present to witness the exchange of power were shocked, but none more so than Kivonce’s own pride. The ceremony was postponed as the family tried to make sense of the information their queen Nida had spilled. Kivonce felt his entire world shatter, as most of what he had been told was nothing but a lie. He refused to speak to Nida or anyone else, instead seeking out Hatisay for advice. When Kivonce returned back home he had every intention of giving up the throne and instead going to join his cousin in the desert pride. Vashkartzen and Vladimir had a different plan in mind. The two brothers would both be leaders of the pride, but Vladimir would receive the title of king. Kivonce was also to take on the role of commander of the pride’s royal guard. After some convincing Kivonce decided it was best to stay wih his family and get to know his brother as he is and not as the poisoned version Nida convinced him of. 

Relation to TLK: Tama’s nephew

Original images and background © Disney

Kivonce and Render © me


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I 100% adore him I cannot wait to get his brother up.

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