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Kitabu (BL)

Kitabu (BL)


Created by : badlanders

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Private

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Kitabu (BL)

Name: Kitabu

Pronounce: Kee-tah-boo

Meaning: Knowledge

Friends: Uru, Ahadi, Fareim, Nane, Kuoka, HaluMuraqaba, Jungle Pride

Parents: Falme and Mahali

Siblings: Thelu(brother), Muraqaba(sister-in-law)


Mate: Halu

Pride: Jungle Pride

Rank: King

Personality: Just like most other lions in his pride, he was physically and mentally strong. His pride was known for being big and strong. This did not define him though, he was a very smart lion as most kings were. He knew most of  the war techniques and often helped his mother Mahali with battle plans.

Likes: Sunsets, hanging with friends, water holes, and zebra

Dislikes: War, unjustice

History: Kitabu was first-born in a line of great kings in his Pride. He was born towards the end of a war between his pride and the Nile Lions. In order to end the war, his future spouse and her sister arranged their marriages with Kitabu and his brother Thelu. At first he was skeptical of his mother's decision, but realizing that this was best for both prides he agreed to the marriage. When the lionesses arrived at their den he noticed that they were extremely hungry and tired. He went to go help one of the lionesses named Halu. pon looking at her, he realized that she was the most beautiful lioness he had ever seen. He gathered some food for her and helped her to the river near their den. The more he talked to her the more beautiful she became, to him she had a heart of gold and he soon fell in love. Soon after Halu had grown feelings for him too. One of the many roayl duties was to associate with other prides. He took Halu to go talk to the Pridelanders so that they could bond their alliance even more. Uru and Ahadi became very good frineds of theirs and would often take their two sons Mufasa and Taka to the Jungle Pride as a vacation from the Pridelands. Halu soon revealed that she was pregnant to her friends and her mate. Kitabu and Halu decided that Uru and Ahadi would become their cub's godparents. Everyone in the Pride was excited to see this new heir. She gave birth to a beautiful lioness that looked identical to her father. He was very proud and he cherished every moment he had with Amala. A few months after Amala was born a flood hit the den, and no lion was prepared. He was sleeping in the corner with no escape. The flood killed most of their pride including Kitabu.

How associated with Lion King? Kitabu is friends with Ahadi and Uru. Friends of Mufasa and Taka

original picture Disney(c)


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Looks like a strong character. Nice work:VitaniSmile: :KovuSmile:

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