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Created by : Tripgirl2

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

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Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Yellow

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Detail Kisasi(tg2)

Name: Kisasi (born Dhahabu)

meaning: Revenge- Swahili (Golden-Swahili)

gender: male

age: teen-young adult

parents: birth: Sefu and Reva, adoptive: Vita

siblings: none

mate: not allowed by Vita

likes: when Vita is in a good mood, running, proving himself as a warrior, patrolling, spending time alone, hunting, cubs

dislikes: Senseless violence, being forced to kill, annoying bugs, when his father is angry or on a power trip, memories if his birth pride

personality: Kisasi is raised in a very regimented way, trained not to show emotion, but he does privately. He is inquisitive and has a very good sense of morality and justice. He wants affection and a mate more than anything, even a crown. He tries not to be rebellious, but will stand up to his father if he thinks his opinion is right

history: Kisasi was born to King Sefu in the peaceful, large Western pride. He was named Dhahabu due to his golden pelt. When he was weaned, but not yet old enough to teally remember much, his pride was raided by Vita’s war band. His father was nearly killed and in an act of revenge, Vita kidnapped Dhahabu and decided to raise him as his own son. He renamed him Kisasi “revenge” and trained him to fight and  kill and to be a cold hearted ruler. Despite his regimented upbringing, Kisasi has a good heart and tries to conect eith the other lionesses in his pride. He often disagrees with Vita, which angers him. He respects his father, but has his limits with violence. Vita will punish him for any comment or action he deems as insubordination. He refuses to tell Kisasi anout his true father, instead teaching him to hate his birth pride. All Kisasi wants is to be able to roam freely, without raiding or battles, settle down with a mate and maybe have cubs. 

Relation to TLK: great-nephew of Zira (adoptive), his biological father is one Simba’s cousins featured in the comic An unusual choir


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