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Detail  Kira


Name: Kira
Name Origin: Greek; "lord"
Gender: Female
Status: Alive

Personality: Sarcastic and snarky; blunt with most, but soft around those she loves.

Love Interest: Kion

Biography: Kira was born the twin of Kovu, but raised separately from him so as to not get in the way of Zira's plans to kill Simba. Her entire life she was told she was an orphan with no family, and that her only purpose was to defend Kovu's life even at the expense of her own, to keep her cowed. She was Kovu's devoted shadow for their childhood; as cubs Kovu tried to play with her, but she was too scared of Zira to get closer.

She helped Vitani and Nuka start the brush fire, led Kovu to Kiara, and followed him to Pride Rock. The first night there she offered to kill Simba herself, but was rebuffed.

Kovu demanded that she didn't follow him around all the time to keep suspicion low, so, at a loss, she forced herself to stay put at the rock. While awkwardly acquainting herself with the other lionesses, she met Kion after he bowled her over racing towards adventure. In apology, he offered to show her around. Kira agreed, wanting to be more knowledgeable about possible secret areas to get Simba alone. As they toured, Kira found herself encouraged by Kion's dutiful and almost over-the-top nature. They shared some teasing moments and ended the day easily, as friends. Kira hardly noticed Kovu was away until he came back, and then became fraught with guilt. Kovu reassured her that Zira would understand their separation, but Kira was still restless. She stayed up all night kicking herself for letting Kovu order her around. 

Whenever Kovu and Kiara were together, Kovu wanted to be alone. It was tearing Kira apart after being attached at the hip for so long. Kion noticed, since they both had been bumping into each other more often, and asked Kira why she was always so itchy for Kovu. Kira revealed that they'd been close since birth and Kion commented that he wished he and Kiara were like that, but not all brothers and sisters seem to be alike. Kira argued that they weren't related. Kion seemed taken aback. He noted how they looked exactly alike, how they even had the same green eyes. Kira was baffled. Kion led her to a watering hole and asked her to look for herself. Kira nearly cried at her own reflection, whispering about how the water in the Outlands was always muddy and dirty, how "she" had lied about Kira being alone. Kion didn't understand, but Kira seemed to come to her own realizations and was so overcome with happiness that she brushed heads with Kion, and they established a new relationship.

After being kicked for being co-conspirators and sent off with a scathing remark from Simba("A brother and sister asking for refuge from the Outlands...I should have known."), Kovu apologized to Kira for getting her exiled and appeared confused about Simba's comment. Kira faced him and told him the truth, that they were indeed siblings, and Kovu was just as puzzled as Kira had been before she'd seen her own reflection for the first time, so she tracked down the nearest pond and had him see for himself. She peered down into the water as well, and when Kovu saw their matching green eyes, it became obvious. "The water here, in the can see everything so clearly," Kira had stated, and Kovu had smiled. Kiara and Kion joined them not too long after, ecstatic to be reunited.

During the fight with Zira, Kira was berated for not holding to her one true purpose and betraying the betters that took her in, Kira lashed out, demanding Zira to stop her lies. Kovu knew the truth, she said. They were brother and sister; Zira had been right, Kira's purpose was to defend Kovu, perhaps even to the death if it came down to it, but she would be defending him as family instead of a slave. She splashed dirty water in Zira's face, hissing, "It's easy to make someone helpless when you take away their eyes, isn't it?"

Kira did not mourn Zira, but she did express remorse for Nuka. She took her rightful place as Kion's mate, who stepped down from the throne to let Kiara rule.


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I love her mamakoto! Who is her mate?

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Lioden,Howrse,Pokefarm,DA, i don't know.
Congrats on the Must See.

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