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"King" Great Fighter/Joe (Official)

 King  Great Fighter/Joe (Official)


Main type : Official character

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Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Orange

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Detail  King  Great Fighter/Joe (Official)

NOTE: This is an official character from The Lion King comics. This character is not seen in any of the movies.


Great Fighter is a mysterious rogue who wandered into the Pridelands. He was searching for food when a small meteor suddenly crashes down right on top of him. Simba happens to see the crash and he thinks it was a star falling from the sky. when he sees Great Fighter coming out of the crater, he takes him for one of great kings of the past.

The rouge tries to slink away, but he stays after Simba offers him something to eat.

When the cub returns with a hunk of meat, Great-Fighter begins to make up a story about his false reign as king, hoping that more food will come his way with each story he tells. The older lion tells simba that he is his ancestor and his name is Great Fighter because he fight well. He also warns the cub that he is here on a very secret mission and Simba musn't tell anyone about his visit to the Pride Lands.

A few days after the incident, Mufasa becomes suspicious of his son and sends Zazu to see what's happening to Simba. The hornbill reports back to Mufasa and they both plan to get rid of the lying rouge. Mufasa sends out two parrots to examine Great-Fighter about the Great Kings of the Past, but the rogue is unable to answer their questions correctly.

Afraid that Simba will find out he's a fake, Great-Fighter runs away, cliaming that sky is calling for him. He leaps across a river in order to lose the cub. As Simba follows him across the stream, he is suddenly trapped by a vicious crocodile. Zazu, who happened to be flying overhead, rushes to get Mufasa, but when he returns with Mufasa at his side, Simba is standing on the bank of the river, smiling. The cub claims that his "great ancestor" had saved him from the crocodile before leaving the Pride Lands.

"King" Joe appears in A Gift From Heavens/A False Ancestor comic.


Fun facts:

* His name in original German comic is Great Fighter. He is named Joe in Sweddish version of the comic.


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