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Created by : Azerae

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Yellow

Specific type : ---------


Detail Kimani

Name: Kimani

Name Meaning: "Beautiful; Sweet" in African

Age: Varies upon Use

Status: Alive

Residence: Pridelands

Appearance: Kimani has a golden pelt with a cream underbelly. She has dark ear rims, something she inherited from her mother, father, and great-grandmother, Sarabi. She inherited her mother's undereye marking and the spots on her ears. She also inherited Kion's bronze paw spots and the lighter streaks in his mane. Kimani sports a dark Pridelander nose and Zuri's blue eyes, of which are complemented by her dark eyebrows. She has a slicked back tuft of fur on the top of her head. She has a beauty mark/spot on the left side of her muzzle.

Parents: Kion {biological father} and Zuri {biological mother}

Siblings: Malai {sister}

Other Family: Kiara {aunt}, Kovu {uncle}, Simba {grandfather}, Nala {grandmother}, Mufasa {great-grandfather; deceased}, Sarabi {great-grandmother; deceased}, Scar {great-uncle; deceased}

Personality: Kimani is outgoing and flirty. She's very confident in herself and her own ability and gets embarrassed when she makes a mistake of any kind. She tries her best to be tactful and considerate, but sometimes the words leave her mouth before she can think about it. Kimani is selfless and even sometimes throws herself in the face of danger to help or save someone else. Kimani also finds herself occasionally  thinking about being a true princess; though she'd never hurt her family to gain that title.

History: Kimani was born a season after Zuri and Kion's mateship. Much like Kiara and Kovu, a ceremony was held to commemorate their wedding. A marriage in the royal family was a major event to the family and their subjects alike. Kimani was born alongside her sister, Malai, of whom is a few minutes her senior. The girls took greatly after their mother's appearance, though Kimani was the one who took the most after Kion; color-wise, at least.

Kimani wasn't revered as a princess, though sometimes she pondered on the thought. She was still seen as part of the royal family, but not to the extent that her cousins were. As she grew older, it bothered her less; though occasionally she still wished for the recognition they received. Growing up, she and her sister learned about Kion's place in the Circle of Life: the Lion Guard. To his dismay, both of his daughters seemed uninterested, a major contrast from how he felt about the guard as a cub. He hoped that one of them would change their mind as they aged.

As Kimani and Malai continued to age, Kimani remained disinterested in the guard while Malai began to pick up an interest, though she still wasn't sure. Kion began teaching Malai more about it, while Kimani stuck behind with their mother, Zuri, to learn about hunting. It took more than a few tries for Kimani to finally get the hang of it, but Zuri's patience had grown significantly since she was a cub, so it wasn't too bad. However, it did frustrate her when Kimani refused to listen to her advice. During one of her hunts, she came across Razina, Mwinyi's niece. The two started off with snarky comments that eventually led to playful banter that turned them into immediate friends. 

During her early adult years, Kimani became very flirty. She had filled out and was aware that she was an attractive lioness, and did enjoy flaunting it. Razina often teased her for it, but Kimani had grown used to Razina's taunts so all it garnered was a simple chuckle. Kimani even found herself flirting with Mwinyi, which Mwinyi dismissed at first. He wasn't very comfortable around Razina's friend, but Kimani was relentless. Mwinyi eventually warmed up to her and became quite close to her, something he'd never really done with a lioness. Mwinyi had never really had much of a desire to get himself a mate or even get close to a lioness for that matter, something Razina always thought was odd but never questioned. Eventually, Mwinyi and Kimani became mates, something Razina or Kimani's parents never quite expected. 

Relation to TLK: Daughter of Zuri and Kion, niece to Kiara, and granddaughter to Simba and Nala.

Kimani was designed by Claire-Cooper!

Headshot and Fullbody were drawn by myself. Please do not use them!


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