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Kima (LF)

Kima (LF)


Created by : lioness_fan(Jess)

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Kima (LF)



Name: Kima
Pronunciation: Kee-Mah
Name Meaning: N/A
Nicknames: Ki (Kee), Kim (Keem)
Genes (Appearance): 
89% Mother
11% Father
Breed: African Lion X ?


Generation: Mufasa
Father: Ziwa (Deceased)
Mother: Asali (Deceased)
Grandmother(s): N/A
Grandfather(s): N/A
Full: None
Half: None
Crush: None
Crushers: None
Mate: None
Cub(s): Kobee (Adopted)
Role Model/Teacher: Ziwa (Deceased)
Relation to The Lion King:
- Pride had continuous contact with Mufasa’s Pride.
- Mufasa was his best friend.
- Adopted Nala’s son.


Pride: N/A
Rank: Rogue
Past Prides: Shujaa Pride
Past ranks: Rogue
Alpha Male: N/A
Alpha Female: N/A
Birth Pride: Shujaa Pride



Scars: Many small, one distinct one on muzzle.
- Losing Kobee.
- To raise his own cub to adulthood.
- Speed
- Wisdom
- Nobility
- Adventuring
- Being a rogue
- One on one company
- Being within a pride.
- Having no one else.
Other: N/A
Personality: Kima was a respectable lion; he was well kept and only ever acted with appropriate grace. Kima never cussed or raised his voice; he was stern and believed in rules but knew the right way to pass on his wisdom and always did it humbly. Kima believed in nothing but respect, he could often come across as slightly too serious because of this. Kima was extremely good at hiding his true feelings and if ever upset, a glassy expression would imprint on his face.

Kima’s parents, Ziwa and Asali,  were part of a Pride called the Shujaa Pride, they were both full blood members and completely loyal to their King, Radi. The Shujaa pride wasn’t too far from the Pridelands and often the two prides would get together for a joint feast. Ziwa, Kima’s father, had grown up very closely with Radi, they had been the best of childhood friends. As they entered into their adolescent years, they both grew fond of one of the fellow females, Asali. Much to the Prince’s disgust, Asali fell for Ziwa, and Radi was left heartbroken.
Radi and Ziwa were seemingly inseparable, and although Radi was heartbroken, it never broke their bond. Asali and Ziwa married at a young age and watched happily as Radi became King of the pride. When Asali fell pregnant, things began to change. Radi began dropping inappropriate slurs when Ziwa wasn’t around. First, they were small comments that Asali could brush off. But as the comments became more and more explicit, Asali had to mention it to Ziwa. He confronted the King who shrugged him off, suggesting that Ziwa was overreacting.
Asali gave birth to one cub, Kima. He was a small cub and was very pale in colour, just like his mother. A few weeks after Kima’s birth, Radi called Asali up into his den which was placed within a boulder, similar to that of Pride Rock but a much different shape. It was here that he announced to her that she was to leave Ziwa and become his wife. Of course, Asali refused and there was a small scuffle between the two as she tried to leave. Due to Radi’s force, Asali slipped from the rock and fell to the ground below, knocking the life from her body.
After the loss of his wife, Ziwa, now outraged with grief and betrayal, took Kima and fled the Shujaa Pride.
Kima, was brought up as a rogue lion, he wandered the lands with his father. He was taught not to trust, not to belong to a Pride. He didn’t resent this decision and found that the life of a rogue was much more suited to him than that of a Pride, but he did believe in trust. He trusted his father and knew that Ziwa’s words were merely out of bitterness.
When Ziwa passed on at an old age, Kima was left alone. He grieved for an appropriate amount of time before wandering toward the Pridelands, stumbling into his brief childhood friend, Mufasa. Kima and Mufasa instantly bonded, they acted like brothers, and on the brink of adulthood, they both craved adventure. Mufasa joined Kima for a few months as they ventured far and wide, Kima grew fond of the company that Mufasa offered him and Kima was a release for Mufasa as the pressure of royalty loomed in his near future. As the small era came to an end and Mufasa’s crowning day approached, he said goodbye to Kima and went back to his Pride.
Kima spent the next few decades of his life enjoying his freedom; he loved his lifestyle and the absence of a demanding Pride. But the one thing that Kima missed was the company of another lion, he had no interest in claiming a wife, he wanted a friend.
Kima, now middle aged, subconsciously made his way back to the Pridelands. He needed to reunite with Mufasa, he just wanted a small catch up, and then he vowed to be on his way. But as he approached the distinct rock, something was wrong. It was evident that the Pride was in need of desperate help and Kima’s instincts kicked in; he bolted toward the den as he urgently searched for his friend.
Upon arrival, Kima was greeted by a young lioness, her fur was creamy, and her eyes were filled with regret. Kima tried to ask after Mufasa, but his inquiries were only responded with a tearful expression, it was apparent that Mufasa was no more. Kima dropped his head; he began to turn away as his heart sunk within him but the lioness pulled him back. Then, out from behind her hind legs a tiny cub emerged. She nudged the cub before Kima frantically, explaining to him that she could no longer care for him. Kima’s heart lurched for the cub, Kobee, and he agreed to take him in.
Kima spent the next years of his life the happiest that he had ever been. He cared for Kobee and raised him into a respectable young male, the two couldn’t be happier together. Kima taught Kobee everything that he had ever known and was incredibly proud of the young adult that his son had become.
At a ripe old age within the comfort of a beautiful forest, Kima passed away from old age after living a fulfilling and happy life.

Keep in mind(when rendering):
- Distinct nose scar.
- Wrinkles and bony exterior.
Head base: Me
Body base: Me



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