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Killarney (LF)

Killarney (LF)


Created by : lioness_fan(Jess)

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Killarney (LF)

"Don’t take something for granted, because one day it may not be around”

Name: Killarney

Pronunciation: Kill-lar-nee

Name Meaning: Independent

Nicknames: Larney (Lar-nee), Killar(like Galah the bird, only G replaced with a K [Kill-ar])

Appearance: Small figure, baby face, scars, thick pawed.

- Sarafina’s colouring although slightly lighter in shade.
- Her stomach, chest, paws and muzzle colouring is not however very close to Sarafina’s at all, somewhat similar.
- Her ankles show signs of Scar’s base fur as it gets darker to the bottom, mostly discolouration from the other fur.
- Nose and inner ear colouring the same as Sarafina.
- Eye colouring mixture of Sarafina and Scar.
- Tail tuft dark, showing signs of Scar’s mane.

- Looks- 89% Sarafina 11% Scar

Breed: Barbary Lion X African Lion

Voice: Kelly Sheridan


Generation: Simba’s Age

Father: Scar (TLK)

Mother: Sarafina (TLK)

Grandmother(s): Uru & Unknown

Grandfather(s): Ahadi & Unknown


Full: Unknown, possibly none.

Half: Nala, Mheetu,

Crush: Baka (SarabiMirage123)

Crushers: None

Mate: Baka

Cub(s): No name (M), no more yet.

Role Model/Teacher: Sarafina.

Relation to The Lion King:
-Scar’s daughter
-Sarafina’s daughter
-In Simba’s pride


Rank: Hunting Lioness.

Past Prides: Her own.

Past ranks: Alpha Female

Alpha Male: Simba.

Alpha Female: Nala

Birth Pride: Simba's (was Mufasa’s at the time)



Scars: Not many, mainly normal amount under fur.

- To be told what to do
- To be controlled
- Hunters

- To be head hunter of the pride
- To have cubs and a loving mate

- Speed
- Wit
- Intelligence

- Being alone
- Being the head of an organisation

- Being in charge of everyone
- Being told what to do
- Being judged
- Being pushed around

Other: Killarney was born a lot before Simba and Nala was.
Personality: Killarney is a very independent and strong lioness, she has a lot of smart comebacks and will win any fight verbal or physical, she is a kind hearted lion and is always fair but she likes to do things her own way and will not stand for being pushed around, especially by lions she doesn’t know/doesn’t get along with. Killarney’s father is to blame for her constant need to win but as an adult she lacks thrive to be leader of a pride as Scar had wanted for himself. Sarafina’s influence in bringing her up has directed her down the right path as she had the potential to be a killer just as her dad.
Killarney uses her strength to her advantages instead of against others and is a respectable and very good hunter.

Sarafina and Scar were not mates, but their ‘one night stand’ as some liked to call it was the beginning of a whole new life form as it led Sarafina to become pregnant.
Once finding out of her pregnancy Scar surprisingly turned into the proper gentleman and he waited on her hand and paw. He was thrilled to have gotten a lioness pregnant before Mufasa had and he hoped that his new young one would make it to heir to the throne.
He planned on having a boy and he had it all set up for him, he was on cloud nine and promised Sarafina he would stick around and help out in the raising of the cub.

So finally the day came and Sarafina gave birth, Scar was off doing something probably evil unsurprisingly but to everyone’s amazement the cub was female. Mufasa and Sarabi couldn’t help but be thrilled because they knew Scar wasn’t going to stick around for a girl and that knowledge made Sarafina worry, it was her first cub and she wanted everything to be perfect. She didn’t care whether her new baby was the next queen she just wanted a healthy little baby and wanted to raise her right.

Scar arrived later on and was clearly furious at the sudden gender surprise, in an uproar he took off, only after having numerous verbal and some physical punishment toward Sarafina. She was distraught but knew she was better off; the baby looked mostly like her so she could just tell people the father was someone else.

Killarney grew by her mother’s side into a strong willed and happy lioness, she often over thought things and worried but was mostly a down to earth character. Scar had some help in bringing her up and she saw him every so often but he was still disappointed in her and she sensed that every day.

Killarney shared Scar’s passion to be leader and knowing she never had a chance with the pride she was currently in she left her mother and two younger siblings Nala and Mheetu and bravely went on a journey to find or create a pride of her own. After many months had passed she had gathered enough rogues and now had a strong healthy pride who respected her as alpha and she was happy. But her independence streak made it hard for her to take responsibility of more than just herself and emotionally she was breaking. There was constantly a need for her attention and she didn’t know how to have any time to herself, her mate at the time was very helpful and stuck by herm so slowly she decided she could do it.

Falling pregnant she knew she would be a young mother but had a pride to her support her and continued on to give birth to a beautiful baby boy. She often wondered where her mother was now and if she should go back but her new cub was the clear decision to stay where she was and raise him so he could take over the pride when he was older.

But being a bunch of rogues it made a lot of other prides dislike her pride and a week after his birth her son was kidnapped. The pride looked for her everywhere but there was no sign of where to look next and the occurrence was too great for her and her partner and they split, causing him to leave their pride.

Killarney knew things weren’t working out and one day in search for her cub she came across Simba’s pride. Reuniting with her mother she was informed of Mufasa and Scar’s death and was not at all surprised, mostly grief stricken.

Killarney abandoned her old pride, leaving it with a new alpha and is now a part of Simba’s pride. Although she is older than he is she respects him greatly and is a well-known and loved hunting lioness. She now strives to become head hunter and is no longer interested in being the leader of any pride.

Keep in mind(when rendering):
- the colour change from her back to her paws

Head base: Me

Body base: Me

Usage: Free


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