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Kibwe (YS9)

Kibwe (YS9)


Created by : Yesung9

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Orange

Specific type : ---------


Detail Kibwe (YS9)

Name: Kibwe 
Name Meaning: 'Blessed' in Swahili
Age: Depends on Use
Gender: Male
Alignment: Bad
Status: Alive
Residence: Pridelands


Mother: Tiifu
Father: Kion
Siblings: Dalila, Chiku, Kya
Mate: Open
Crush: Open
Cubs: N/A
Friends: Zalika, Open
Foes: Sudi,
Zuberi, Nuru, Open
Other Family: Simba (Grandfather), Nala, Tama (Grandmothers), Kiara (Aunt), Sudi, Zalika, Azizi (Cousins)


Appearance: Kibwe is a good blend of both his mothers and fathers families. He is stocky, and well built like his great-grandfather- Mufasa and reminds Simba of the late King. He has not yet grown out of his baby spots- which makes him very anxious. His chin is shaped like his grandmother Nala, and his eyes are like his mother. He has a slicked back tuft, which is quite messy.

Personality: He tends to get easily jealous, and is loyal to those he likes and gets along with. Kibwe has a lot of fears and tends to hate his own appearance which makes him anxious that the other cubs might not like him. He hates his cousin, Sudi and would do anything to see him gone. He tends to bully and manipulate the other cubs to do what he wants. He is Zalika's 'best friend', however he only uses her to make Sudi's reputation bad. He doesn't like baths, and loves to get mud on his fur. Has a tendency to cause trouble. Being the oldest of all the pridelander cubs, he uses it to his advantage. His parents do not realize how much of a bully he is, unfortunately and treat him well which makes him slightly spoilt.



Kibwe is the oldest cub of Kion and Tiifu, and the oldest cub of all the Pride landers cubs. As he was growing up, he developed a great love for the lion guard concept, and always wanted to be the leader. However, in time after asking his father about being the leader of the lion guard, he was told 'no' and this broke his heart. With shattered dreams Kibwe asked his father who would be the leader. After finding out that his cousin Sudi was to be the new leader- Kibwe was outraged. Eventually he grew a great hatred toward his cousin, which was caused by jealousy. In time, Kibwe became a bully and would always pick on Sudi. 

As he grew older, his hatred for Sudi grew stronger and he decided to round up the other cubs of the Pride lands, and become 'enemies' of the young Prince Sudi. Eventually he turned the other cubs against Sudi, including the Prince's sister, and future queen, Zalika. Kibwe felt in control, until a cub named Zuberi would stick up for the lanky looking cub. He decided to pick on that cub too. In time, his sister Dalila would disagree with him and he would beat her if she did not obey him. 

As a pre teen, Kibwe became a lion searching to draw blood. He wanted Sudi dead, or at least gone. In this time, his parents had another cub named Chiku, of which he hated. She was just too happy and would talk to much. While plotting his 'revenge' on Sudi for taking his dream away, another cub left his band of 'bullies', his name was Nuru. Kibwe was incredibly angry, and would reguarly beat Dalila for the sake of it. And if she did not do as she was told, and didn't tell their parents, he would kill their youngest sister, Chiku.


Relation to TLK: Kion and Tiifu's daughter.

Art, Character, Design (c) Me
TLK (c) Disney


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April 23, 2019
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SJWresistance on devantrt
Sudi better watch out for him...:icon472:

April 09, 2019
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Kiburi Baaydaye
Goodness he's so evil! Hopefully Sudi can over come him :TLKhappy: lovely job Xiu!

April 07, 2019
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Wow! Love him I feel sorry for Dalila:( poor girl:(

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