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Created by : GreyBeagle

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Pink

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Kegan

Name: Kegan

Age: Young adult

Gender: Male

Pride: Grassland pride

Rank: Guard 

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: None

Mate: Noone yet

Crush: Rain

Personality: He can't stand unrighteousness, when he see it he got to do something, even if that's makes him into troubles frecuently because not everyone seems to appreciate his "help". He's brave, but also stubborn still got a good heart and he likes to protect others.

History: Kegab was the result of the love of one night from a couple of lions, the male wasn't the kind of guy who actually fell inlove or take responsibility for his actions, so by the morning he was gone. His mother loved him but when she choosed him, her pride kick her out for choosing a rogue so at the end, she was alone and pregnant.
Some Pridelander lionesses found her and took pity of her, so provided with food until the cub was born. She was allowed to stay on the territory of the pridelands but not being part of it. His king Mufasa was kind and her time there made this very easy for her. Her cub, Kegan, born healthy and strong. Meanwhile Kegan's mother become a good friend of Sarabi and Sarafina.
But then, a tragedy happened, the king who offered refugee to this little family died and his brother Scar took his place. The mother of Kegan took her cub and ran of the pridelands when this happened but she remained close to their territory. She felt bad for the pridelanders, they had helped her when she needed and maybe it was time to pay them of.
She sneak out and gave them some food everytime she could, but Kegan, who was a teen by then, never really wanted be part of this, he continued saying his mother that there wasn't their fight. He saw the cruelty 
of Scar as king and the consecuencies of his rule but still, he prefered not had nothing to do with them.
Time passed and Kegan became a strong young adult.
The remained lionesses of the prideland were even worse, the situation was critical so they ask Sarabi to sent a message to Kegan's mother to beg for help, they knew she had a male son and hoped he could challenge Scar and finally put end to all this.
Kegan's mother asked to his son but he said: "No, this is not my war". Even her mother beg and said he couldn't leave them die, Kegan didn't move a muscle. He knew then, also know Nala who was just about his age, but still...
Kegan's mother didn't have the courage to say that to the Pridelanders, didn't want to break their only hope so...she sneak out one night to say Sarabi that, yes, his son will defeat Scar. The faces of all the Pridelanders lighter up, and their spirit was full of hope for this.
Kegan's mother was happy to see this, but on her way back home with her son, some hyenas see her and attacked her, didn't kill her but she were injured and Scar kept her as prisoner.
When Kegan found out about this, he felt so piss of, but still he knew he couldn't enter on the pridelands by his own.
He knew about a pride who was trying to help the Pridelanders and searched for them to offer his help, there he met Rain, a beautiful and very determinated girl who also was the queen of the pride, when he first saw her he thought she was beautiful but shaked his head and said to himself he had to focused.
Now with this pride he tried a few times to attack the Pridelands and find his mother, but all the times Shenzi found about this and sent even more hyenas. It wasn't untill Simba, the son of Mufasa return that things started to work out, Keagn was surprised to see him but he could see it was the same brave cub he once knew. The presence of Simba inspired all the Pridelanders to fight back too, and this time now all together defeated Scar and his army of hyenas.
In the middle of this war, Kegan entered to Scar's den and there he found his mother, very injured and weak.
Her mother cried when she saw him, but not for sadness instead for proud.
"I'm sorry mom, I failed you...if I only had standed for the pridelanders when they asked me, you wouldn't be here...I disappointed you"- He cried 
"No son, this is not your fault...listen to me, I love you and you never disappointed me, I knew you were a brave and compassionate boy, deep inside of you...I'm so proud.." -that were his mom last words.
That day Kegan promised to himself, he would never act the same, never would ignore someone else pain or need, because doing that had cost everything he loved...
At the end, the Pridelanders were free and with Simba and Nala ruling, the things finally changed on the kingdom. Kegan said goodbye to them and spoke personally to Simba to assure his loyalty to his kingdom, he bowed infront the true king and said it wouldn't be far if the kingdom need him again.
The pride of Rain lost several lions and due Kegan had no pride to belong or family, also saw they needed him more than the pridelanders so he asked to join as guard, hoping with the time get to know the beautiful queen Rain as well.



-He has freckles

-Small whiskers

-Wide nose

-Two colored mane combed back


Adopted from NightRose, thank you so much!


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Aww...thank you so much shpaghetti:VitaniSmile: yeah, I like to put my own details to make the design unique :icon320: :icon320:

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I love how you applied the adopted design to your style of drawing~ the little whiskers on his chin are so adorable and creative too :icon40: *faves*

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