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Khari (HIE)

Khari (HIE)


Created by : Hige Is Epic

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Orange

Specific type : ---------


Detail Khari (HIE)

Basic Information

Name: Khari
Meaning: Like a King
Lived during: Simba's reign
Age: Younger than Kiara

Physical Description
Eyes: Dim blue
Eyerims: Upper- Dark Brown Lower- Bright cream
Inside ear: Dark Brown
Main pelt: Orange-y yellow
Underbelly, paws : Brown
Tail tuft: Redish brown
Nose: Dark pink

Body structure: Strong and sturdy, muscular but youthful.
Rendered from: Simba (LK1)

Quirks Description

Physical quirks: Walks with his chest sticking out proudly.
Vocal quirks:  Strong confident voice
Habits: Flicks his mane from his eyes when he talks.

Personality: Khari was always a proud and confident cub, he was always respectful for the pride and his parents. Though he had a tendency to be awfully cheeky towards Kovu, he just didn't seem to like him very much at first. Khari is very helpful and understanding towards his pride, always happy to aid them. He is very protective of his home and pride, fiercely loyal. Khari's a strong willed lion and it makes him rather stubborn on his decisions, unless it endangers his pride, then he will change his mind quickly.

Likes:  Asha, The Pridelands, patrolling, sunsets

Dislikes:  Not being the future King, the pride being threatened

Strengths: Good at Fighting, compassionate , loyalty

Weaknesses:  Stubborn, resentment


  •   Combat
  • Loyalty
  • Kindness and compassion

Father: Simba
Mother: Nala
Siblings: Kiara
Crush/Mate: Asha (c) Indedmono
Cubs: None

Khari was born shortly after the war with the Outlanders ended. He was a surprise to the pride, but a good one. The pride lionesses adored him saying he was cute and adorable. Unlike with Kiara, Khari behaved more sensibly and slipped away from her much less. Simba raised him with telling him all about the Pridelands royalty and history. Khari loved hearing it, and he soon wanted to be the king. But Kiara was the one in line for the throne with Kovu as her king. Khari loved his sister, but he resented Kovu for being the one who'd be king, he wasn't Simba's son, so Khari would be better.

Kovu tried to bond with Kiara's little brother but Khari rarely wanted to play and when he did it was to embarrass him. He didn't mean it out of spite, just to be cheeky.

Despite not being in line for the throne, Khari begged Simba to educate him on being a King. Simba just agreed to make him happy, but he didn't forget how eager Khari was and he remembered Kiara's initial displeasure at being in line for the throne. He decided to allow Khari to accompany Kovu's King lessons. To both Simba and Kovu's surprise, Khari acted more respectful towards Kovu a while through the lessons. and Simba noticed they had a somewhat bond from learning this together.  He knew he could not make the both of them King... But still, he had to compromise something for his son in the future.

Eventually Simba and Nala stepped down and Kovu and Kiara took over. Khari was a teen by then and wished he could still be king instead. Simba told him that he still had training to do and he was still a bit too young, Khari was surprised, what was he talking about more training for? Kovu was King. Simba told him when he was a bit older he would be a a stand in for when Kovu had to travel to other Prides for some time. He would be below Kiara in standing, but had alot of authority. Khari kept his title as Prince but it gradually changed to 'High Prince' to show he had some power.

Though it wasn't as good as being King, Khari gratefully accepted it, and his resentment toward Kovu gradually dispersed into a long ago dream of being the King. As he aged, Khari took on jobs, as patrolling and going with Kovu and Kiara as an adviser if something came up, he also solved any problems among the pride and sometimes joined the lionesses on their hunts- but only to protect them if something happened.

Renders(c) Me

Relation to TLK: Simba and Nala's son.


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Thanks Buddeh < 3 I adore him so much~

June 11, 2014
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I love him X3 He's so cute and I love his personality :3 Can't wait to see images of him!

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