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Detail Khalid

Name: Khalid
Age: Depends on use
Gender: Male
Parents: Scar x Unknown, adopted by Malka's mother
Siblings: Vitani (half), Malka (adoptive)
Love interest: Jalia (former)
Cub(s): None

Personality: Khalid is very charismatic, enchanting others by his charm. He's a joker, but he knows the time to be serious. Although he is good with jokes, Khalid does not know very well what to say to advise or help others, preferring to be quiet so as not to make things worse with bad advice. However, he always knows how to take a smile off people he likes; he is a lovely and loyal friend.

Interests: Khalid loves telling jokes and making people laugh. He has learned to dislike violence, but if necessary he does not hesitate to use his claws and fangs to protect his loved ones. Because he has sleeping problems, he likes to see the stars to calm down. He gets irritated easily when he is sleepy, so he doesn't like to be sleepless or bothered during his sleep, being the thing he likes to do the most.

History: Khalid was born a while after Scar took over the Pridelands. An anonymous lioness offered to give him an heir, believing that she would benefit from having the king's son in her womb. However, that was not the case. The lioness died during labor, but fortunately for Scar she was able to give him a healthy and strong heir to follow in his footsteps.
The little cub was totally isolated from others of his age and all he did was train to become a war machine. Scar did not see him as his cub, only as his soldier, and therefore had no affection for the little one. However, his pride in him grew, for as he trained endlessly - until he reached exhaustion or the intense bleeding of his paws - Khalid proved to be a ruthless warrior.

Everything was perfect, until the arrival of an old acquaintance of the king, named Zira, in the land. The lioness became more and more obsessed with him as the days passed - since she was a little child she admired Scar for his intelligence, yet he was always indifferent to her. But she would not give up until she was noticed by the king - until she noticed the existence of the young teenager Khalid, and concluded that she wanted to give an heir to Scar who was of her own blood. She didn't care about killing the young boy, but she knew that the king could never find out that she was responsible for the murder.
And that's what she did: Zira and her followers attacked young Khalid and he was at a tremendous disadvantage. He hated running away - Scar always said that only the weak ran away, and Khalid hated being seen as weak. However, holding his life in high regard, he fled as far as his paws could carry him, mortally wounded. Khalid fell unconsciously at the foot of the mountains and when he awoke, he found himself surrounded by a yellow lioness licking his bruises and a lion a little older than him.

The lioness introduced herself as the queen of that place in the mountains, and her son Malka was the prince. She said that if he wanted to live, he would have to stay there for a while until he could recover, but that she didn't know exactly how long it could be, because his condition was unstable and he was seriously injured. Desperate, he said he needed to go back to his father and his lands, and when the two asked where he came from they were shocked to discover that Khalid was Scar's son. Khalid noticed the startled expression on their faces, but in questioning them, the two said nothing.

As the days went by he became more and more attached to the queen and the prince, and Khalid finally knew what it was like to have a friend. However, he wondered why he didn't feel homesick. And as he spent his days in that land in the mountains, the queen felt in her heart that it was time for the boy to know the truth about his father: that he had murdered the former king, the beloved King Mufasa, and his son Simba, the prince.

Khalid was extremely shocked and refused to believe such facts, but soon the pieces fitted into his head and he had come to understand why the lionesses feared him so much, why his father was so rigid, aggressive and unable to love him, why the other lions refused to be near Khalid believing that he was like his father. He knew he would have to prove to others that he was different from him - that unlike being cruel like his father, he was a lion with a kind heart that would make a positive change in the world.

Relation to The Lion King: Scar's son, was adopted by Malka's mother and is his adoptive brother.

Adopted from Articwolf14! Thank you ever so much!!


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Very nice story for him:)
I also like his name

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