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Created by : Luscience

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

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Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark red

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail *Ketsia*


Ketsia is a trickster. She is cunning, but lazy, and lives by the philosophy of ‘kill two birds with one stone’. She can be very stubborn and petty, but has a sense of honour when called for. She views herself as a harbinger of justice- that no one is above the natural order. 

Ketsia was once a former pride lander whose family served in the reinforcements sent to the lioness Morana when she attempted to defeat the Brotherhood. Ketsia lost her older sister in that battle and when she was old enough, Ketsia took off from the pride lands to try and track down her sister’s murderer. She found that justice had already been served, but Ketsia decided she would bring justice down on those who have escaped it. She ended up bringing together a band of unlikely animals together with the goal of bringing justice to the lands (with the added benefit of pillaging said lands which they delivered justice to.) This band of merry go monsters included the leopard One-Eye, the hyena Shriek, the warthog Growler, the vulture Victor and Aman, better known as The Sky Bandit. The lioness and her hunting party gained many members along the way, and soon became infamous for their “justice”. Many rumors spread, distorting the reality of what Ketsia and her hunting party were truly after. Fear began to grow in even the most shielded of hearts, and Ketsia took advantage, driving animals from a wonderful patch of land where she ended up settling down with her hunting companions. 

When rendering her, keep in mind that she has curly elbows, chest fur and foot tufts. It is best to use an older Nala (TLK2) base. 

This beauty was designed by Priya- thank you again!

Art © me


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October 27, 2020
Is not currently on the site
Founder of Elewisa’s Fangirl Club
It’ll be fanfic(s) as well since I enjoy writing but there will be plenty of drawings too just like for my other AU :)

October 27, 2020
Mexico Is not currently on the site
Very nice!
Can't wait to see :NalaSurprise: :VitaniSmile:
Are you planning tell the story with pictures? Fanfic?

October 25, 2020
Is not currently on the site
Founder of Elewisa’s Fangirl Club
Aww thank you GreyBeagle :KiaraHearts: I know the bios for her, Aurelia and the next couple of characters I have planned are going to be super short but that’s because I don’t want to spoil the story that they’ll be involved in :KiaraLaugh:

October 25, 2020
Mexico Is not currently on the site
Love this character :SimbaHeart:

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