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Main type : Fan character

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Detail Ketaki(SF)

Designed By -Tytos- Thankyou so much!!:)

Name: Ketaki(Meaning ‘Flower’ in Sanskrit)

Breed: African Lion

Parents: Kosa and Halima(Pridelander female in Simba’s Pride)

Gender: Female

Personality: Ketaki is a sweet and sometimes shy girl when it comes to meeting someone new but she will warm up to you after she gets to know you better. Ketaki knows when to use her head to solve problems instead of using teeth and claws. She is also sometimes short tempered and will hold her tongue if she is spoken to she will express her feelings and actions if need be. 

Crush/Mate: Taariq(c)Sierra

Cubs: None

Likes: Taariq, sunshine, cool nights, star gazing

Dislikes: Her father, fire, getting wet, being pushed around

Relation To TLK: Her mother is a Pridelander. Ketaki is the mate of Taariq. Taariq is the son of Simba and Nala.


History: Ketaki was born as the result of a rogue male and a pridelander female. Not long after she was born a prince of the Pridelands was born his name was Taariq. Her parents and Taariq’s parents betrothed them at birth and they were destined to be wedded when they were adults. 

Ketaki grew into a playful cub and soon met a cub around her age named Taariq they got along perfectly and would always get into a lot of trouble and mischief. Taariq would always protect her from the dangers that they would come across with their adventures and Ketaki was thankful for that and she soon developed a small crush on the young prince she only kept this to herself she was afriad to tell her parents or the King and Queen. she only told the friendly majordomo Zazu her secret and he promised to keep quite about it. 

Soon Ketaki was a teen and was becoming more beautiful and Taariq was also a teen and he was starting to form a mane which made him even more handsome. Ketaki would always blush when he was around and Taariq’s sister Nyonda noticed and confronted her about her feelings for Taariq. Ketaki confessed her secret to Nyonda who was shocked at first but then understood that Ketaki loved him. She told Ketaki she had better tell him about her feelings before the secret comes out by itself.

Ketaki agreed and found Taariq alone and she soon confessed her loved for Taariq. She was shocked he felt the same with her and together their feelings became stronger than ever. After letting their parents know they found out they were already betrothed and were both shocked and happy at the same time.

Soon Ketaki grew into an adult lioness and Taariq became an adult lion soon they both became mates and were wedded to each other. Ketaki never felt this happy before with her mate Taariq





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