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Kayin {HIE}

Kayin {HIE}


Created by : Hige Is Epic

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Kayin {HIE}

Name: Kayin (Meaning: Celebrated child)

Gender: Female

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Fang , Dalia and Malkia

Mate: Ikeena

Cubs: Ochi and Tahir

Personality: Quiet and clever, Kayin knows how to get what she needs easily. If she had to, she would manipulate others for her prides benefit, but rarely does so. She always listens to overs points of views. Prefers not using teeth and claws to win a argument, as she can't stand lion blood. Generally very caring and good natured.

History: Before the drought that ravanged her homeland, she had lived a happy life with her pride. But once everyone but herself and her sisters died they left in search for a male. She and her sisters travelled far, searching for a lion to lead them, though Malkia acted as leader. She was generally pleased when they stumbled across Ikeena, she knew it was the wise choice to let him become their leader.

Kayin respected Ikeena as a leader, and viewed him as a friend. She was glad when Malkia finally softened up to him.

Many times, when she left to hunt, she would get watched by lions, some dared to ask her to be their mate. But she refused every single one, somehow making an escape unharmed. She felt that, as a part of Ikeena's pride, she should only bear his cubs.

Kayin accepts any members to the pride happily, and helps out whenther she can. Though Malkia is Ikeens faverite female, she still hopes he will let her have his cubs.

Eventually, Kayin gives birth to Ikeena's cubs. Two sons, who she names Ochi and Tahir, and she loves dearly. She is happy that Ikeena acknowlegdes them as his children, along with the other cubs. She seem's to be openly motherly to the other childen of Ikeena, as they are her sisters cubs.

When Ikeena dies later on, Kayin is heartbroken. She loved Ikeena dearly, as a friend, mate and pride member. She does not give up on life though, and contined to help care for her pride and family.

Relation to TLK: Mates to Ni's son

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