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Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

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Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

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Detail Katlego

Name: Katlego
Age: Depends on use
Gender: Female
Parents: Ahadi and Uru
Siblings: Mufasa, Scar and Tanglemane
Love interest: None
Cub(s): None
Personality: Katlego is known to be quite charismatic. She is very calm and does not let life's events put her down, so it is difficult to see her sad because she does not show such feelings. However, for keeping things to herself and holding on until the last minute, when Kat loses her patience she throws things in other's faces and will speak without thinking first, which ends up culminating in fights or arguments. Instead of settling things, she prefers to let go and get away from others.

Interests: Kat loves to make friends and hang out with them. As much as she doesn't let it be shown, she's quite gossipy and is always interested in knowing about other people's lives, but she doesn't judge anyone. Kat hates physical contact, even from her family, feeling dirty when someone touches her. She loves bathing and hunting, and doesn't like spiders and baboons.

History: One day, hormones took advantage of the two lovers Ahadi and Uru and soon the young lioness found herself pregnant, which was a problem because Ahadi was already betrothed to another. After some time, she left the Pridelands to give birth to twins: Farai, who would soon become known as Tanglemane, was born a few hours before Katlego.
Uru was in despair and didn't know what to do. She didn't want to abandon the two babies, so she had the idea to bring them to the kingdom and lied saying that she found them left to die. The other members of the kingdom looked after the two little cubs with affection and the two siblings never suspected they were royalty. However, as they grew up, some rumors began to spread. Farai, already an adolescent, intrigued by not knowing who his real parents were, decided to confront the new kings Ahadi and Uru and she, who was a few days away from giving birth to two males, said with a heavy heart that they were in fact the parents of the inseparable Farai and Katlego.
Farai, furious with both, ran away never be seen again, and Katlego went after his brother, dismayed with those news. The young lion became unrecognizable after the event, but Katlego forgave their parents, understanding their side. For the fury of Farai, Kat decided to return to the kingdom to help their parents to take care of the two brothers who were to be born, and until today Farai, who decided to change his name to Tanglemane to try to escape and forget his past, holds a grudge against her for deciding to return to their family.
Katlego never made a fuss about being royal; she felt good being just an average lioness. When Taka and Mufasa were born, she promised that she would be the best big sister she could be. She was able to experience many events, from the presentation of Mufasa to the kingdom to Taka's transformation into the ruthless Scar. Katlego was the only one who could tame, even if only a little, the heart of her younger brother. However much she loved her two brothers, she was relieved when Simba returned to regain the throne, for she was devastated by the destruction that Scar had done in the kingdom.
Katlego never left the Pridelands - not even to visit Farai, whom she misses but knows she can never regain his love and trust again.

Relation to The Lion King: Ahadi and Uru's daughter, sister to Taka, Mufasa and Tanglemane.

Jalia was designed and given to me by ArticWolf14! Thank you ever so much!
Head and body pic (c) ArticWolf14


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She sure is! Sierra and Artic are great at making designs (:

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she is such beautiful designed just like Jalia^^

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