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Kat (hs)

Kat (hs)


Created by : happystool

Main type : Avatar / Fursona

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Yellow

Specific type : ---------


Detail Kat (hs)

What does she look like?
Kat is a small lioness with light creamy-beige fur with a lighter, creamy-beige undercoat. She has round pale green eyes, a light beige tail tip, colorless paws, and a pinkish-tan nose. She is of average build for an African lioness, with the exception of having a slightly shorter body and overall being smaller. This doesn't hinder her in any way, but she does prefer not to perform strenuous activities, instead opting to do much more relaxing tasks.

What is her personality like?
Kat is shy and very much introverted. Too much interaction with other lions often leads her to settle down for a good night's rest before the sun has set. She will make time for her loved ones and friends though, and she is very pleasant to be around because of how friendly she is. She doesn't often speak her mind or speak at all, so if and when she does, everyone stops to listen to what she has to say, even if it's a small joke or opinion.

Any family?
Kat has a grandmother. She has a mate that is of the same sex as her named Leona, and together they have an adopted cub named Bibi. Savanna and Nel, Leona's mother and brother, are Kat's in-law's.

Where does she live?
Kat resides in Ni's Pride, a small pride consisting of about 30 members, and, although normally enemies, wild dogsand caracals are also members of the pride. Though few in numbers, these animals have been living side by side with each other for generations after a drought brought their ancestors together. They keep their numbers somewhat small as to avoid attention and keep the balance.

What's her story?
At the time of her birth, the pride was being led by Ni, a family friend to her grandmother. He was appointed king after the previous one died suddenly, he had no children and Ni had been an outstanding member of the pride for a few years by then. That an no one else wished to lead or were too afraid to.

While she was a teenager, a mother and her cubs, a daughter close to her age and a little boy, happened upon the pride. The mother was injured and needed immediate help. Ni and his followers were more than happy to invite them into their pride, and although cautious, the family wasgrateful. Kat befriended the lioness' daughter, who was named Leona, and her brother, Lionel (nicknamed Nel). Leona's chill demeanor was what drew Kat to her in the first place. Kat wasn't exactly the most relaxed lion, often overthinking about things and isolating herself to her thoughts. Leona's presence was a welcomed change, and it even taught her to "chill out" more. As young adults, the two realized they had feelings for each other and became mates, and Kat couldn't be happier. Nel was especially happy, he had fallen in love with Kat as well and saw her as a another big sister.

While out on a walk and having "me time", Kat happened upon an odd sight. Upon closer inspected, it was a little lioness cub, whose eyes were barely open and were dark. This was a newborn, and she was all alone! With a quick check around the area for any sign of a mother, and with no one in sight, Kat quickly nabbed the baby before briskly walking back to her pride. This had to have been a gift from her ancestors, it just had to be. After presenting the baby to Leona, she was more than happy to care for her along with Kat. In honor of one of Kat's ancestors, the baby was named Bibi.


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