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Kamau (HIE)

Kamau (HIE)


Created by : Hige Is Epic

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Kamau (HIE)

Name: Kamau

Meaning: Silent warrior

Gender: Male

Rank: Prince/Mufasas guardian

Parents: Ahadi and Uru

Siblings: Mufasa, Taka(Scar) and Latifa (c) Me

Crush: None

Mate: None

Cubs: None

Likes: When Mufasa is safe, Priderock, his siblings.

Dislikes: When Mufasa is hurt or upset, when Taka is grumpy, death.

Personality: Kamua is a protective cub to the ones he cares for, he takes his job as his brother guardian very seriously. He rarely has time for fun as he is to busy making sure Mufasa and his other siblings are okay. He is very kind and understanding, a great listener. He fights when he has to, but he wishes sometimes he didnt have to carry the burden of his brothers protection.

History: Kamau was born around the same time as his elder brother, Mufasa was. Rigth fromt he get go, it was decided Mufasa would be king, and his personal protection would be from Kamau. At first, the brothers had no clue that their futures had been decided, and they remained equals in their eyes for the beginning of their cubhood.

When Uru gave birth to the twins, Taka and Latifa, the two brothers were overjoyed to have more cubs to play with! Mufasa started hanging around with Taka more and more, and Kamau less and less. Kamau shrugged it off, seeing them as bonding. Though Latifa was closest to Taka, she adored her older brother Kamau, and he loved her back. He always stuck around her while Mufafa and Taka played in the cave.

Ahadi finally decided to tell the eldest cubs who would be king, Mufasa was thriled at the prospect of being the next ruler. Kamau was happy for his brother, he didnt really mind about the throne, but when Ahadi told them that Kamau would be Mufasa Guardian and protector. Both cubs were shocked. Mufasa was'nt a fan of the idea, he wanted his brother to still be his equal, not lower than him. Kamau reluctently accepted the job, but on ly becuase it allowed him to still spend time with his brother.

Though with time, his job as his brothers protector was his highest priority. Kamau took to the job like a bird does to air, and once Ahadi started trainig him to fight, he grew even more serious.

Taka grew jealous of the attention both his elder brothers were recieving from Ahadi, while they were training, he was stuck with latifa and their mother. He was envious that Mufasa would become king.

When the males manes started to grow in, Taka fianlly took action. He tried to beat his brother in a fight for the title as future king, Mufasa refused to harm his younger brother, so Taka took his chance and lunged for his brother. He didnt even land one hit.

Kamau put a stop to it quickly, he intervened and threw his brother away, when Taka resisted, kamau had no Within seconds he was horrofied at what he had done, but he couldnt change it now. Taka stumbled back and sank to the floor, he lifted his head, his eye that had been slashed was tight shut and a scar was over it, blood was dripping down his face. Mufasa instantly ran to his younger brothers side. Kamau hung his head in shame, he had protected his brother, but look how he had done it!

After that, Kamau was alot more quiet around others, more reclusive. Taka had a scar over hsi eye forever now, and in his turmoil renamed himself 'Scar'. Ahadi brushed the incident aside, saying Kamau had been doing his job. Uru was devasted at the rift between her sons and her youngest sons scar. yet she never shoved any blame on Kamau. Latifa stayed away from Scar, he wasnt the same anymore, she stuck to Mufasa and Kamau, even though he had caused her twin pain, she knew he had been doing his job and that he was deeply sorry.

It was an important time in the pridelands, two lionesses were joining the pride from far away. One a princess or anougher land, the other her best friend who had persisted to join her. Once they were arrived, the Pridelands were soon filled with joy of the future. The princess, Sarabi was going to be Mufasas future queen. The two hit it off great, even if they wanted to be friends first so there would be no awkward forced relationships. Her friend, Sarafina was quite friendly, and Ahadi at first, wanting her to be Kamaus mate, both declined as Kamau and Sarafina had no attraction to each other whatsoever.

But the two remained friends and became inseperable, much like Mufasa and Sarabi, minus the romance. Kamau was still his brothers protector, but he was more relaxed around his brother, Sarabi and Sarafina than he had been around others in a long time.

When Mufasa became King and Sarabi his queen, kamau was proud of his brother, and so ahpyp when his nephew, Simba was born. Sarafina soon gave birth to a lioness cub, the father was an unknown rogue but she was accepted into the pride, as Simbas future queen.

Kamau lived peacefully in the pride , even when Ahadi and Uru died of old age, he was still happy with his life.

That was untill Mufasa and Simba died in a strange accident, Kamau nearly had a break down, he had failed his job. His brother and nephew were dead! Instantly as Scar assumed the throne, Kamau knew he was behind it, latifa knew it too. She constantly was urging Kamau to take the throne for himself and try to rid the pride or Scar, but it was too late, he was to helpless to do anything..As the Pridelands decended into darkness.


Relation to TLK: Mufasa and Scars brother, Ahadi and Urus second born son, Mufasas guardian.

AU: He is part of a entirely different Universe to my characters like Reuben and Mala, in this version, Mufasa wasnt Ziras mate.

Adopted from Claire Cooper ^-^ Thanks so much, sorry it took me ages to get him up.


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