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Kamaria (M)

Kamaria (M)


Created by : Maltashaastaka

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Kamaria (M)

Basic info

 Name: Kamaria

Meaning: Shines like moon

Nicknames: none

Age: depends on use

Generation: Kiara's (1 or 2 seasons younger)


As a cub, Kamaria's personality was pretty much like Nala's. She was playful, confident, brave, respoinsible and smart. She was also very matured for her age. However, she also had strong leadership qualities since a cub. She always liked to take the lead, and really dreamt of being the ruler. As an adult, Kamaria became strong willed, independent and determined. She was matured like her mother. She always wanted to take leadership, and prefered to always be independent than to be dependent on someone else on any way. She was never attracted much to boys, as she thought falling for someone would make her vulnerable to them. That doesn't mean she is cold hearted. Kamaria is a very good lioness at heart just like her mother and loves her family and pride.

Likes: Being the leader, to rule, hear stories about the grat kings of the past

Dislikes: Not being able to prove herself 


 Parents: Simba & Nala

Siblings: Kiara, Kion, Adiah (littermate)

Mate: none yet

Cubs: none yet

Relation to TLK: Simba and Nala's third cub


Kamaria was born shortly before Kion left to heal his scar, along with her littermate Adiah, herself being older by a few minutes. Their birth brought joy into the whole pride lands, and as they began to grow up, Kiara and her parents were able to forget Kion's absence because they were busy playing and taking care of the little girls all day. Kamaria was smart as a cub, more than Kiara or Kion were at her age. Her playfulness and behavior pretty much reminded Simba of Nala when she was a cub. Kamaria used to spend time with Kiara, learning about her responsiblities and tasks of being a futre queen, take walks with Simba while hearing stories of the Great kings of the past, or getting pouncing lessons with Nala. She was sportive, and always showed qualities of leadership and smartness in everyway. She did not get very well along with her sister Adiah though, they were polar opposites. Adiah was girly and loved being in the background, she was sometimes nervous too. 

As a princess, Kamaria really wanted to be the future queen and when she learned that Kiara was not very keen on taking that role, she asked Simba quite often to make her the future queen instead of Kiara. But Simba explained to her that tradition says the oldest cub was to take the throne. Slowly, Kamaria realised that she could never be the queen, and sometimes felt jealous of Kiara. But she still loved her sister from her heart and never wished or thought to do anything against her. She was also jealous when she learnt that Kion was the leader of the Lion Guard despite being the second child, even though she could not really remember Kion. She insisted that she take on the role of the Guard as Kion was away, but Simba told her that she was too young. 

As she grew more and more, she became more independent and strong willed. She loved her family with all her heart. Soon enough, it was time for Kiara's first hunt. Then, Pride Lands caught fire and an outlander, Kovu, saved her and joined the pride. As Kiara and Kovu got closer, Kamaria could not work out why Kiara liked Kovu's company so much. She was falling for him and it seemed that she would choose Kovu to be her mate in the future, which Kamaria found irritating. She believed that choosing a mate would give Kiara less authority over the kingdom, and Kamaria always wanted to be independent. However, she was still happy that Kiara had found a lover. 

Soon, the outlanders joined the Pride Landers and the evil maniac, Zira finally gave up. Kamaria was a pre teen by then. She was really upset that Simba had given the responsibilty of the guard to Vitani instead of her, but Simba insisted that Vitani was older than her. Soon after that, Kion returned and she met her older brother for the first time after she was old enough to understand everything around her. They spent time and Kion seemed to be a nice guy. Kamaria hoped that Kion would give her the responsibility of the gurad, but was upset again that he had given her roar to Vitani. Soon, Kion was to leave the Pride Lands to marry Rani, but Kamaria was still upset and refused to go. Simba also insisted that Kamaria and Adiah were too young to make such a long journey. However, as Simba was Nala were to going to the Tree of Life, Simba gave her the responsbility to look over the Pride Lands for the first time. 

Kamaria was overjoyed. She happily followed her duties along with Vitani and her guard. When Kamaria grew up into an adult, she flourished with beauty and was one of the most beautiful lionesses of the Pride Lands. Young guys tried hard to win her heart, but Kamaria was not interested in guys as always. She soon realised that she would not be able to persue her dreams of leadership if she stayed in the Pride Lands, and so bade goodbye to her family even if it really hurt her heart to leave the Pride Lands. She started her journey in hopes that she would one day find a plave where she would be able to start a pride and be the ruler- the role she believed she was born for. 


- Render (c) Me

PLEASE NOTE: This character may look similar to other Simba X Nala fancubs. If that happens, that was simply unintentional.





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