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Created by : Hige Is Epic

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Kalona

Name: Kalona

Pride: the Rashad pride

Rank: Leader

Parents: unknown and dead


Mate(s): he doesnt have a mate, so he mates with the females in his pride that he isnt related to

Cubs: (in order of age , all are female except Ata) Farida, Fumbe, Imena,layla , Panya and Ata (twins)

Personality: Cruel and crazed, power hungry

Likes: power,getting his way, females, inflicting punishments on his foes, winning

Dislikes: Eze, losing, if his pride was disloyal

History: Was a buly as a cub and left his old pride. He survived on his own and grew into his teens where he became cruel and a little insane He spotted a band of lioness and persuaded them to make him their leader.  Thye accepted, some more than others. As a young adult he met the old leader of the Badrani pride who was teaching his teen son. Kalona killed the old leader and left the males son, the teen eze stood in shook. Since then their prides hated each other. Thye would have the occasional battle, but it wouldnt last long.

Kalona realized that he needed to change his tactics so, he mated with his lionness in the pride at different times(years, months etc) and produced  6 cubs, Farida, Fumbe, Imena, layla, and finally panya and Ata  the twins.

Now Kalona was clever, he selected his second eldest , when she was born to be the assasian of Eze and those loyal to eze. He named the girl Fumbe, which ment Slave. This was to show that he controlled her life, and what went in on it.

When she got to her teens, he started Training er in is evil ways. At first she was a kindhearted innocent cub, but then she grew into a cold shell which she hid her old personality. He forced her to do missins for him, like retrieving animals from Ezes territory or chasing away the odd trespasser.

Then one day he sent Fumbe to her real purpose, to be the assasin to Eze. he sent her to "pretend" to join his pride, and spy and then when she had the chance kill with the help of her pride.

One day he met Zira and helped train her pride in combat, this lasted for a few weeks then he ran off with one of her pride members and brought the unknown lioness to his pride.

That is what he wants.

 relation to lionking: for a few weeks he trained Zira before Kov met Kiara



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yeah, i like evil... Lol *faves*

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this dudes, Creepy.....jokes hes just mean, evil, twisted,bad,etc lol

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