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Kalina (WF)

Kalina (WF)


Created by : -WildFire-

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

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Detail Kalina (WF)

Adopted from WayvardAngel, thank you so much!

Name: Kalina 

Species: African lion

Gender: Female

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Chumvi and Kula

Mate: Jabari

Cubs: Kayode and Dalia


Story: Kalina and her two younger twin siblings were born in the Pride lands during healthy and happy times. She was always close with her brother and sister, and the three of them were social cubs who had many friends among the pride - including the king and queens two sons, Jabari and Simba. With Jabari, Kalina developed a particularly strong and close friendship, but also couldn't help but coming up with feelings for him. She tried her best to hide it, however her brother, who noticed it right away, teased her about it, sometimes even in Jabari's presence. Fortunately Jabari didn't take it too seriously, and they laughed at it, but deep down Kalina felt really embarrased and foolish, which is why she chose never to talk to him about her true feelings. Some time later, tragedy struck the lands as the news of king Mufasa and prince Simba's tragic deaths in a stampede reached the pride. Everyone was heart broken and devastated, and Kalina offered her friend Jabari all the help and support she possibly could. During this time of grief, she and Jabari even closer, and her feelings grew stronger, but she couldn't possibly break it to him now, since he had just lost his father and brother. Time went on, and Jabari's uncle Scar had taken over the Pride lands as the new king. The cubs were all grown up, and Kalina had been assigned as the leader of the hunting party. The land was growing very poor with food and water, and Scar allowed the hyenas to roam freely and terrorize the pride. One day, while on patrol, Kalina and her group found Jabari laying unconcious and badly wounded on the savannah, after being brutally attacked by Scar's hyena minions. Shocked and worried about her friend, she carried him to his mother and the lionesses, and stayed with him all night, until he awoke the next morning. Afte he'd recovered, Jabari formed a resistance, to which he invited Kalina to join, she was hesitant at first, fearing their plans would be revealed, but finally agreed. But just as they planned to attack, to everyone's surprise Simba returned to the Pride lands alive, took down Scar and reclaimed his throne. By that time Kalina and Jabari had confessed their feelings to one another, and after becoming king, Simba gave them his blessing and they were given a royal wedding ceremony. Some time later, Kalina gave birth to two beautiful and healthy cubs, a boy and a girl.

TLK: relation: Chumvi and Kula's sister, mate to Simba's brother.

Voice actor: Naomi Scott


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