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Created by : Summer181

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Jemma*Summer181*

Name: Jemma

Nicknames: Jem

Age: Cub

Gender: Female

Personality: Hesitant, shy, timid, unsure of strangers

Breed: Lion

Parents unkown

Siblings: None

Friends: Maxson,Marlee,Emiley and Danna

Relation: knows Simba

Likes: Talking with Maxson and Danna, Cuddles with Emiley

Dislikes: Adult lions

Base: Lionobession

History: Jemma was hated by her parents because she wasn't a boy. Jemma's dad would often attack her, while her mother was near by. Jemma called for her mum, but she shook her head saying that Jemma deserved to be hurt. Because of this, Jemma had scars on her front legs, her tail and one of her eyes.

One day, there was a flood and Jemma's legs  got stuck in mud while trying to escape with her parents. She called out to them, but they left her there to die. They didn't want their daughter. 

After a while, the flood went down and Jemma finally got her legs unstuck, but she was tired so she fell asleep where she was.Jemma had woken up to two adult lions looking at her. Scared, Jemma jumped. The elder lion called himself Simba and the other Maxson. He told her to go with Maxson, that he could help her. Simba didn't have any room in his pride for another cub.

Maxson tried to talk to her on the way to his pride, but jemma didn't say much. She was still scared. Once they got there, Jemma hid behind Maxson. There were more lions. One female came forward and asked Maxson why she was hiding, the lion who came up to them had a cub around her age.

This cub introduced herself as Danna and the big lion as her mother, Emiley. Danna explained that Maxson had let them stay in his pride, to protect them and that nothing bad would happen to her anymore. Jemma was shy at first but then slowly started to trust them



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