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Created by : Hige Is Epic

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

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Detail Jayde

Name: Jayde

Meaning: Jade

Age: Depends on use

Parents: Both deceased and unknown

Pride: The Badrani Pride

Siblings:  None



Personality: Jayde is kind-hearted, she sees the good in everything and is helpful, honest and truthful.

Persoanlity: Kind hearted, she can she the good in everything. Helpful, honest and truthful. She tries to be nice to everyone but some lions, like Eze..Just wont ever be liked by her. She hates pushy males, espiecially ones you want to force lionessess to be their mates.

History: Jayde was born into the Badrani Pride, her father had died of a sickness not long before she arrived, and her mother died during childbirth. Jayde was raised by all the lioness members of her pride. She grew up knowing that the Rasad pride must be feared, as the princes father had been slaughtered by their leader, Kalona.

As she grew, her beauty blossemed, by the time she was a teen the young King, Eze, had taken note of this and begged her to be hsi mate. She refused every time, hoping he'd move on. But he never stopped pestering her. By the time she was a young adult, she had a huge dislike of Eze, and preferred to avoid him.

One day, when Jayde was wandering around the savannah, she came across a strange lioness. She had a thorn of a deadly plant stuck in her paw, she didnt seem to notice and was very hostile towards Jayde. Despite the odd females ferocity, jayde dared closer. The lioness was stunned by her actions, then realised herself that the thorn was in her paw. Thats when the thorns affects began to sink in, the lioness crashed to the ground, writhering. Jayde managed to keep her still and yanked the thorn from her, just in the nick of time.

The pain subdided, and the lioness blinked up in shock at Jayde who smiled back at her. She was so stunned that she forgot to be hostile, and Jayde introduced herself. The lioness, who seemed to be greatly embarrassed, thanked her, letting slip that her name was Fumbe. Jayde took her back to her pride, thought most of the pride accepted her, Eze didnt like her that much.

Fumbe didnt seem to like him either, and she constantly sent him dirty looks, Jayde had no idea that infact  Fumbe had been sent to her lands to assasinate Eze.

Jayde let Fumbe rest in her cave, and she felt a strange feeling when she went to sleep. other the next few days Jayde got closer and closer to Fumbe, feeling as if she could tell the lioness her deepest secrets. The two were soon known as the best friends around the pride, but somehow, Jayde felt like it was something more than that.

Then, while Fumbe had been talking happily with her, Eze sauntered over, and yet again asked her to be his mate. Jayde was annoyed and decline him again, Eze was persistent and kept on pestering her. Jayde didnt know what to do, but thats when Fumbe jumped to her defence. She snarled at Eze, stating that jayde could be with whoever she liked and that she deserved better than a scumbag like him. Eze growled at Fumbe, then yelled out that Jayde would never be with her. Jayde blinked, surprised, she turned to look at Fumbe to see if it was true. Fumbe went from bright red to really pale within seconds, she had a horrofied look on her face, and with tears in her eyes ran off.

Jayde ran after her, calling her name, she spotted her standing utop a giant rock besides the waterhole, it looked like it had flooded. Jayde yelled for her to stop, thats when Fumbes head whipped around, and she caught sight of her, she jumped in shock and her paws slipped on the rocks wet surface. Jayde felt overwhelming panic as Fumbe fell, she ran up the rock and her jaws latched onto her friends neck. With a strong heave, she pulled her up and the two were sent tumbling to the grass. Jayde and Fumbe both panted, Jayde was lying atop the latter, breathing heavily. Thats when Jayde buried her face in Fumbes scruff, crying, sobbing. Fumbe tensed, confused, it was only when Jayde pulled back and nuzzeled her whispering those three words "I love you." At first Fumbe didnt move, but then she was nuzziling her back and licking her cheek gently. She whispered the words also, grinnign sheepishly.

Thats when the two looked up, and noticed the two prides standing there. The Badrini pride lookign like they knew it all along, but also glaring at the other pride...The Rashad pirde, the lions from there looked utterly horrified! Obviously , there leader stepepd out..Kalona! He looked at Jayde and Fumbe then made a disapointed sigh. " daughter.." Fumbe tensed and Eze snarled"YOU!"

There was huge confrentation, and Kalona had Jayde under his claws. Somehow Fumbe fought her father off and chased him away. The Rashad pride, then joined the Badrini, and Jayde and Fumbe could be together without a worry.

(More to come)

Relation to TLK: Territory they live in hsi close to the Pridelands, Jayde is a decended of Queen Uru somehow.

base(c) Killer Bee (aka Wolfgirl50 on dA)



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April 01, 2013
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I know it is, its credited at the bottom -_- Shes my friend so~ of course I would credit her!

February 20, 2013
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um on deviant art this base is by Wolfgirl50 credit her plz :! :(

November 21, 2012
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Jaydes bio has been updated!

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