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Jay *summer181*

Jay *summer181*


Created by : Summer181

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Jay *summer181*


Name: Jay

Name meaning: To rejoice 

Nickname: J

Age: Cub to Adult 

Gender: Male 

Breed: Lion


Parents: Mega x Sarabi

Siblings: Half brother Simba

Mate: lionesse from the pride (Unknown) 

Crush: Nala

Cubs: None yet

Relation to the lion King: Cub of Mega and Sarabi. Half brother to Simba. Friends with Nala. Afraid of Scar. 


Likes: Playing with his friends Nala and his half brother Simba

Dislikes: Hyenas, hunting without reason to. 

Personality: Bubbley and always wants to have fun. A little bit shy at first but after a while accepting. 

Friends: Nala


Fears: Scar


History: Jay was born not long before King Mufasa's rule. He is the offspring of Mega and Sarabi. This was before Mufasa chose Sarabi to be his queen. 

After Mufasa and Sarabi became the king and Queen of the pride lands, Mufasa decided that he couldn't take Sarabi from the cub she already had, so he allowed Mega and Jay to live in another part of pride Rock. 

Unfortunately, that meant living near Scar, Mufasa's younger brother. Jay was a bit afraid of Scar. He was big and scary looking.  Jay tried to be nice to him but everything he did seemed to annoy Scar. 

When Sarabi had Simba, Jay was happy. He had a new brother and someone to play with. 

Jay and Simba played everyday, they would let Nala, a female Cub play too. Jay was very shy when he met her, but simba seems to be okay around her, so she must be nice. Nala was very nice and the three Cubs quickly became best friends. 

One day Mega told Jay that they had to leave the pride lands. Sad and confused Jay went to say goodbye to his brother and best friend. On his way over to them, he ran into Scar's leg. 

Looking up at him, Jay was terrified. Scar was very scary looking to a young Cub. Simba was the only cub in the pride who wasn't afraid of him. 

Jay stuttered an apology and ran off, looking back to see Scar huff and go in the other direction. 

Soon Jay found Simba and Nala. They were sad that Jay had to go, but hoped that they would see each other again. 


Mega and Jay now lived near a river on the outside of the pride lands. Soon, Jay had heard that his brother Simba had died in an accident. 




Adopted from: Ralsei

Design: Ralsei 


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