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Iya (Kreoko)

Iya (Kreoko)


Created by : Kreoko

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Private

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Iya (Kreoko)


[ I Y A ]

Basic Info
Name: Iya
Meaning: Violet Flower
Age: Elder
Pride: Pridelands



Iya is a lioness who is strong-minded and is known to be a stoic. Of course, she wasn't always like this. Iya used to be a hopeless romantic with a huge heart and would help anyone if she could. But after a huge betrayal by the lion she loved followed by the loss of one of her own children, Iya changed. She finds others untrustworthy and will question their motives often.


Cubhood & Adolesence:
Ujasiri was the loudest, most obnoxious and strongest member of Mohatu's Lion Guard whilst Kuthule was a quiet and shy cub sitter. It came as a shock to almost everyone when their duo announced their engagement. The wedding was a simple affair, and Mohatu himself blessed their union. The pair tried for cubs many times, but each attempt to bring a cub into the world was a failure. After a series of miscarriages, the duo finally became parents! Little Iya was born in the early hours of the morning just before the rainy season came. Iya was the pair's only child, for Iya's birth did significant damage to Kuthule which would result in the lioness never being able to conceive again.

Iya grew up alongside her best friend, Uru. The pair were nigh inseparable. Until Uru's sister and the heir to the throne, Malaika, upped and vanished one night. Whilst they still remained friends long into adulthood and beyond, Uru had very little time for her friends. Iya entered adolescence as a moody teenager, resenting Uru for seemingly abandoning her. She knew it was not her friend's intent, Uru was training to be a queen after all. Still, it cut Iya deeply. So, she spent her own teenagehood throwing herself into hunting lessons.

Iya's determination to be the finest hunter in the pride bagged her the prestigious position as the lead huntress; a feat she was most certainly proud of. In her early years of adulthood met a handsome rogue on the borders of the Pridelands whilst on a solo hunt. He introduced himself as Mgeni and the two would meet often in secret.
Iya was much more naive back then and believed that this dashing rogue that had shown an interest in her would be the one she would marry. She didn't know how wrong she would be, for Mgeni had other plans. Mgeni intended to dispose of the current royal family and rule in their place. After weeks of secret meetings and shared meals, Iya quickly found herself expecting cubs of her own. She was elated! When she informed Mgeni, he seemed indifferent. Iya believed it to be the sudden shock of becoming a father. Maybe he just wasn't ready for that chapter... However, these cubs were Mgeni's ticket into the pride.

Iya had hoped that Mgeni would become responsible for the lives he helped create once they were born, but his interest in the heavily pregnant Iya was waning. Mgeni's new interest was the young prince, and leader of the current lion guard, Taka. Iya gave birth to her cubs in a secluded thicket a days walk from Pride Rock; twin girls were born. The eldest cub she named Zira and the youngest she named Naanda. Zira, despite being the eldest, was a weak and sickly cub for the first few weeks of her life whilst Naanda thrived and flourished. When she brought Mgeni to see them, all he did was smile. Unknown to Iya, the male had other plans for these cubs...

All was well for Iya and her little family. Then tragedy struck. She had left her daughters for just a short while, long enough for her to hunt and get some water. Motherhood takes a toll on the body after all! When she returned to the den, she found her cubs missing and the scent of Painted Dogs assaulted her nose. She was filled with a sense of dread. In a state of panic, Iya set out to find her children. It was two weeks before she managed to locate them. Zira was alive but with a terrible wound to her ear. As for Naanda? There wasn't much left of her to find. What the dogs had left, the scavengers cleared up. Iya never learnt that it was the cubs' own father who had orchestrated this event. 

Iya mourns the loss of her youngest daughter for a long time. She spoils Zira to make up for what she feels is her mistake. If she'd been there, Naanda would still be alive. Meanwhile, Mgeni grooms Prine Taka and slowly earns his trust.

When Zira reaches a year old, Iya meets a member of Taka's guard. His name is Khalfani. She distrusts him at first, but over time she begins to enjoy his company. He is Mgeni's total opposite and is a good father figure for Zira. She soon falls pregnant again, this time with Khalfani's cubs. Sarabi, Dwala & Diku are born shortly after Taka/Scar kills his guard and then Mgeni soon after.

The rest is history...

Family Tree
Parents: Ujasiri & Kuthule
Siblings: None
Mate: Khalfani
Past Mate: Mgeni (Strange Lion)
Cubs: Zira & Naanda (with Mgeni), Sarabi, Dwala & Diku (with Khalfani)


Relation to TLK: Former mate to the "Strange Lion", mother to Zira & Sarabi etc.
Design Credit: Originally designed by Blumalou

Iya & Art © Kreoko
Do not use for tracing, basing, referencing, roleplaying etc.


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