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Hira Nur

Hira Nur


Created by : therainbowbandit

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Hira Nur

Name: Hira Nur “Hira”

Meaning: Light of the diamond

Pronunciation: Heer-rah noor

Nicknames: Little monster (by Harak), Hira Nura (by Esme and Esme’s mother), Hira (by most), Elephant slayer (by some mis-informed animals)

Gender: Female

Pride: Originally none; the Bloodbourne pride (currently)

Rank: Herd member, rogue (formerly), Strategist/commander (currently)

Parents: Unknown; Esme’s mother

Siblings: Esme (adopted)

Distinct Features: Hira Nur has fairly fluffly fur. She has a muzzle with two distinct colors; her front paws have two distinct colors that extend slightly up her leg; she has a hair tuft; Hira has spots on her face; she doesn’t have multi-colored eye fur but instead just one darker bit on top of her eyes. She sports golden eyes; she can always be seen wearing flowers of all kinds, ranging from a single flower to flower crowns.

Personality: Hira Nur is an infuriatingly cool character; very little can get under her skin. She typically goes along with the flow of what is presented and typically shows no great fealty to anyone. Winning her loyalty is the most difficult of tasks as she does not trust easily. Prim and proper, Hira enjoys things of beauty and adorns herself with flowers and other knick-knacks whenever she can. She absolutely hates getting dirty and spends far too much time grooming herself. Going along with her paws-off attitude, Hira Nur goes out of her way to stay out of direct conflicts, despite being very good at them. She’s a very bossy lioness who is overflowing with confidence at her own “greatness” Hira is constantly on the lookout for the next best thing and shows no remorse when abandoning others for her own good. Most of her traits were things instilled into her by her mother, whose memory Hira Nur cherishes with all her might.

History: Hira Nur was born to a lioness in the plains. Her mother was a very loving character, and in the first months of Hira’s life her mother spent all of her time caring for her daughter. When Hira Nur became slightly more self-sufficient, her mother was unfortunately killed in a hunting accident by a very angry elephant. This event greatly traumatized Hira Nur, who had no other family or pride members to look after her. For days, the young cub wandered the wild aimlessly, barely surviving on insects and the like. She eventually became too ill and exhausted to continue on and laid herself in a field of flowers, ready to perish. After perhaps a day or so, Hira was surprised to find herself being spirited into the air by a young pink elephant by the name of Esme. Hira was unsurprisingly terrified of Esme and tried to run away to no avail. The pink elephant took Hira Nur to its mother, and the mother took pity on Hira. She scared away a cheetah from its kill and took Hira Nur to it so that she could eat. Esme’s mother continued to do this for a few weeks, until Hira became stable and healthy again. She told Esme and her mother of her story, and it was decided by Esme’s mother that Hira would be under her protection until she could fend for herself. Hira thus unofficially became a member of the herd, although she was very rarely allowed amongst their midst. Due to her being a lion, it was deemed by Esme’s mother too dangerous for Hira to walk alongside the herd. Instead, Hira followed the herd closely, only having close contact with Esme and her new adopted mother. The other elephants of the herd were aware of her, and while some of them did not mind her presence too much, others weren’t too kind to her. In particular, she was mercilessly bullied by one of the male calves Harak. He spent much of his free time pointing out her short-comings and claiming that she was a “little monster”. For a while Hira Nur tried her best to simply put up a front of kindness in the hopes that Harak would stop. When it became evident that he wouldn’t, Hira sought to make him fear her. She set up a harmless trap meant to scare him and lured him into it. When Harak became stuck in the heavy mud, the only one close enough to hear his calls for help was Hira Nur. She confronted the male elephant and made certain that he would stop. For good measure, Hira bit his left ear and the mark left there was a reminder to him not to antagonize her again. Harak finally relented in his habits and instead spent time training with Hira. The two became surprisingly decent allies after this incident, and his nickname for her, “little monster” was now one of fondness instead of contempt. When Harak and Hira Nur were both mostly grown, the herd of Harak encountered a very despicable bull who was threatening their peaceful life. The herd, made up mostly of female elephants and their young, tried in many ways to be rid of the bull but he would not relent. Remembering her cleverness, Harak decided to bring in Hira Nur and ask for her help. The young lioness was able to strategize a plan to be rid of the bull in just a few days, and upon the plan’s execution the herd was once again safe. After, stories began to spread about the “terrifying” lioness who took down a grown male elephant (despite the fact that this was not true, and she had only done the planning.) Hira Nur became very feared by most animals, and she used this to her advantage, despite initially feeling hurt by the way everyone quacked at the sound of her name. She spent a little time travelling after bidding the herd goodbye. During her time travelling she ran across many prides, and Hira considered joining a few of them. One pride in particular, seemingly made up of mostly lionesses, reminded her of the elephant herd she had spent most of her life around. The queen, Sauda, approached Hira Nur after her guards had explained who the young lioness was. She promised Hira that joining her would mean that she would finally have an accepting and loving family. Hira eventually accepted this as the lionesses of the pride seemed fairly friendly. After being initiated into the Bloodbourne pride, Hira Nur was constantly tasked with strategizing battle plans for the Queen, who had a gargantuan grudge against a neighboring pride run by her twin sister. Because Hira liked some of the lioness of the pride, she agreed to do this, although she did not particularly believe in Queen Sauda’s ideas. In the Bloodbourne pride she was a prized and respected member who was given free reign to order anyone she liked, and being the bossy lioness she was, Hira saw this as enough reason to stick around.

Relation to TLK: Hira Nur grew up alongside Esme the elephant and was a member of the herd during her younger years. Esme’s mother is essentially her adopted mother. Becomes a member of a pride run by Zira’s daughter.

Original images and background © Disney

Hira Nur and Render © me


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May 16, 2020
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Thank you Wild! ^^

May 16, 2020
Usa Is not currently on the site
Kiburi Baaydaye
I really love how unique her story is, excellent job as always :VitaniSmile:

May 16, 2020
Usa Is not currently on the site
Thank you Sky! I was very inspired to write something very different and I’m very happy with her as well. ^^

May 16, 2020
Usa Is not currently on the site
Wow, she is breath-taking beautiful! And her story is highly interesting. A cub being raised by a herd of elephants like oh my, that is pretty darn awesome and so new! I really like what you've done with that and I am so happy to welcome a new character into Sauda's Pride. I know Sierra will be pleased reading/meeting her! :) Excellent job, my friend.

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