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Detail Hemsa

"The smallest act is better than the greatest intention." 


Name: Hemsa

Meaning: A Touch

Gender: Female

Status: Dead

Appearance: Long decently built brownish cream colored lioness with lighter underfur. She has darker ear rims and pale blue eyes. She has an unusually curly tail tuft of a light cream color.

Parents: Suki and Nephelhein

Siblings: two sisters (Nida and Shanasa) one brother (Sinan)

Mate(s): Vikai (first love)

Cubs: none

Personality: Hemsa is an extremely cheeky and playful lioness. She often appears distant and cold but is actually extremely emotional and can become quite invested in certain lions. She has a quick-fire temper that often wears off after she’s screamed her discontent with someone. Hemsa has a rather crippling need to please everyone around her, and oftentimes makes far too many sacrifices to achieve such a state. Despite this, she has a very long-sighted attitude, believing that the ends justify the means if it gets her and her siblings to a better place. Being the oldest cub (and only one from her own litter) she helped to raise and look out for her two younger sisters, becoming a very compassionate lioness. She is very inquisitive and curious and is always on the lookout to learn new things.

History: Hemsa was born to Suki and her mate, the leaders of a small pride of lions in a hidden jungle past the pride lands. Hemsa grew up in a very strict environment due to her overbearing and wicked father. Her first few years of life she spent in terror, afraid that she might do something to mess up and infuriate her irritable father, who was always out to punish “troublemakers”. It wasn’t until her two younger sisters, Nida and Shanasa were born, that Hemsa finally grew a backbone. She absolutely adored her sisters and despised their treatment by her father. She also became quite furious with her mother, who allowed the mistreatment so long as it kept her mate happy. The anger was made worse by the fact that none of the sisters ever did anything to deserve the punishments dolled out by their father other than having been born lionesses instead of lions. Their father badgered their mother for another cub, but she was unable to bear him anymore. When her two younger sisters turned into young lionesses, the younger of the two, Shanasa, fell in love with a rogue lion named Askari who convinced Hemsa’s sister to run off with him. When their father found out, he was furious and attempted to harm Shanasa by throwing her into the raging rivers in their territory. Fearing the worst, Hemsa follows them and is shocked to learn just how far her father is willing to go to get his way. At the last moment, Hemsa ambushes her father and throws him into the raging waters before he could do the same to Shanasa. Shanasa gratefully thanks her sister and goes off with her lover, but Hemsa is left feeling nothing but guilt. When news reaches her mother, Suki madly blames her eldest daughter for all her father’s misgivings, stating that had she been a better daughter, he would not have been so hard on them. Suki then takes off with Nida to a different pride nearby, where Suki becomes entangled with the crown prince of the pride and gives him a son. Wanting to repent for the harm she caused, Hemsa sought out Rafiki, who she knew was a wise and forgiving figure. She became his apprentice, and learned quite a few skills, including some basic healing which she viewed as sacred. One day, as she was out collecting herbs for the old baboon, she ran across some viscious hyenas who ambushed her. Alone, Hemsa tried her best to fight off her attackers but there were too many of them. At the last minute a young male lion appeared and fought off the last of the rabel. He was extremely arrogant and made it a point to paint himself as the shining hero. Having seen the same behavior in her father with his consistent reminders of all the “good” he did for her and her family, Hemsa reacted badly to the young lion’s assumptions. Once she had given him a good lecture however, he changed his tune. He helped her back and even took up some of her duties from Rafiki whilst helping her to heal. Before she knew it, she had fallen in love with him. He was completely understanding of her plight, and she of his. When she thought she had finally found a second chance to start over with her beloved, however, fate struck back cruelly. On a hunting trip, she ran into the same hyenas who had attacked her moons ago. This time, however, there was no Vikai around to save her. She succumbed to the wounds. When Vikai found her, she was a breath away from death, and it was then that he swore to her that none would ever take her place in his heart. She tried her best to let him know that he ought to live a full life, but he refuted, stating that he could never betray her like that. Despite her early end, Hemsa left the world with little regret.

Relation to TLK: Vikai’s beloved and Rafiki’s assistant


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She is very pretty!:icon335:

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