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Detail Hatisay

“You should always hope for the best, but you need to be prepared for the worst.”

Name: Hatisay

Meaning: Highly Respected

Gender: Female

Appearance: Hatisay is a golden pelted lioness with a head tuft like her mother. She sports blue eyes like her father and is very lean and long. She has lighter inner ear rims with a darker lining and lighter underfur. The lighter underfur on her neck does not extend all the way to her muzzle.

Parents: Tama and Tojo

Siblings: none

Best friend: Desona (c) Sierra.

Mate(s): Gaaro

Cubs: none

Personality: Hatisay is often seen as both a wonder and a mystery. She has many traits which at first glance seem to oppose each other and yet work together. Hatisay does not blindly follow or place her faith into anyone or anything unless she knows it to be true. She tends to be indecisive but once her mind is made up it cannot be changed. She is a very observant and typically quiet lioness. She prefers to observe the actions of those around her and has an unnerving ability to detect the emotions and intentions of those around her no matter their best attempts to convince her otherwise. Hatisay often spends time daydreaming, lost in thought. She often thinks up many scenarios of both bitter and happy endings and creates solutions for nonexistent problems. This has much to do with her incessant need to always be prepared. She gives great advice because of her ability to look at things objectively (and because, more than likely she has imagined a given scenario and had hoarded around a solution).  Unlike most lions from her ancestry, Hatisay does not believe or take part in the “mystical” side of things. When it comes to death, she believes it is final. Hatisay is also very withdrawn. While she does care for others, she limits herself in just how much since she has an unpleasant belief that no one can truly love her fully more than she can love herself.

History: Hatisay was born to Tama and Tojo in the desert pride as the princess. She lived much of her cubhood in peace. In her first few moons she would often visit her cousins Kivonce and Vladimir as she had no cubs to befriend or play with at her own small pride. Kivonce especially became a very dear friend to Hatisay. She felt she understood him and that he understood her. While she did spend time with Vladimir and was perfectly happy being his friend, of the two brothers Hatisay preferred Kivonce. Their friendship was beloved so much that for some days there was talk of a betrothel between Hatisay and Kivonce. The Queen Nida, who ruled over the pride of Hatisay’s cousins refused. She warned against the union with the claim that the two prides were on friendly enough terms and that Hatisay ought not be “wasted” in an unnecessary alliance. The Queen’s disapproval of Hatisay caused a rift between the young lioness and Kivonce, who turned away from her and would not so much as utter a word when she came by on visits. When Hatisay was about 8 moons old, Kula, her mother’s friend gave birth to the lioness cub Desona. Hatisay was enchanted by the cublet and would spend all her time playing and watching over her. As Desona and Hatisay grew, they became the best of friends. As princess, Hatisay was required to train for many things and attend various meetings with diplomats, ambassadors and the like. Her lack of appearance to anyone hindered many of her relationships, especially her bond with Desona who felt as if Hatisay did not care for her anymore. As she grew, Hatisay’s father Tojo garnerd her the alliance of a lifetime. Despite not wanting a mate or to leave her homeland, Hatisay was betrothed to the crown prince Gaaro of the Spirit Lands. Hatisay tried to sway her parents away from the match but was displeased to find she could not. The lands which the crown prince was soon to rule were the greatest collection of prides that there had ever been. He would not rule one pride, but rather all that resided in the territory. He would be the guardian of many, and a king to all. Hatisay eventually agreed to the match on the condition that she not leave home until Gaaro became king and had need for a Queen. Around this time, Desona was betrothed to Hatisay’s cousin Vladimir. Sudden news then followed that Kivonce was missing. Hatisay, reminiscient of the great friendship she once shared with her cousin set out to find him. In the depths of the jungle beyond his father’s realm she tracked him down. The two reconciled for a few moments, but Hatisay was irked to find that he still felt he had to rule his father’s pride. She tried to persuade him against it, and nearly succeeded. Kivonce told her that he would give up the throne if only to be with her again in the desert pride. When Hatisay explained that she was going to be taken to the Spirit Lands, Kivonce became outraged and left her. On the day of the succession of her cousin Vladimir to the throne of her uncle Vashkartzen, Hatisay watched in horror as Kivonce attacked his half brother after proclaiming him unfit to rule. The two nearly died but were stopped by the confession of the great Queen Nida. News that the two half brothers were actually twins shocked everyone, and when Hatisay reached home, she found Kivonce waiting for her in distress. He expressed his grief at having his whole life be a lie and asked her parents if he could join their pride instead. Hatisay went with Kivonce back to his pride for support as he told them of his decision but was relieved to find that his brother and father had found another way. As commander of the royal guard of his pride, Kivonce was finally satisfied. When it finally came time for her to travel to the Spirit Lands, Hatisay ran off. She was later found by Kivonce and his scouts. After expressing her terror at leaving home and all her friends and family, it was decided that to make her life easier, Kivonce and some of his guards would accompany her to the Spirit Lands and stay there with her for some time until she felt comfortable. (more to be added soon!)

Relation to TLK: Tama and Tojo’s daughter

Original images and background © Disney

Hatisay and Render © me


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