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Created by : blazetail

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

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Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

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Detail Hasa

Personal Info
Age: Same as Kiara Gender: Male
Pride: Simbas Rank: General member
Birth Pride: Unknown  
Species:African Lion  
Body:A Pale Cream-brown Lion white pale underside, he has darker back. his mane is a pale brown with darker bib and fur under his belly , his nose is pale pink with half being darker. His eyes are red and yellow.
To TLK: Currentley lives in the pridelands
Hasa dosn't have a mean bone in his body ,Hasa is a big softy but this is also his weakness as he won't fight for things.

Hasa was born in a pride a longs way from the pridelands, He grew up with a few half siblings  most of them as carefree as he, the group of them would often hear there mothers to stay away from the near by cliffs as they where a danger, the cubs didn't care. It would only be a short time later they found out to listen to there mothers, the smallest of the cubs Hasas littermate was playing with a fruit the cubs used as a toy and lept on it before it rolled over the edge . but the cub over shot and tumbled over. the other cubs including Hasa where in shock when the mothers turned up, they moved the cubs away, Hasa's sibling was dead.

The cubs didn't go near the cliffs after that, it wasnt long till the lioness cubs where taken to be trained in hunting but Hasa and the other male cubs where left  to to what ever , it was alot of play fighting Hasa didnt partake often not enjoying it unlike the others, he was this way threw till adult hood, this father soon told him he would have to leave the pride, Hasa didn't fight it and left.

On Hasas travels he met other lions but none he ever clicked with, this would change when he came across a small group of lions that had two lions and four lionness , he got talking to them and found they came from a place called 'the pridelands' and where traveling home after being to another lions coranation, Hasa was interested in there storys and soon found himself traveling with the group and without relizing it Hasa had joined there pride and once they returned to there home Hasa soon found a role in helping with the prides cubs allowing the mothers to have a break from them for a short time. Hasa was content in this role.



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December 30, 2019
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Nice fellow! :NalaSmile:

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