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Detail Hami

Adopted from Maltathecub, thanks so much Malta!


Name: Hami

Meaning:  defend

Gender: male

Age: depends on use

Breed: African lion

Appearance: Pridelander build and uncolored paws with an Outlander nose, scruffy chin and dark eyeshades

Fur/mane colors: light rosy brown pelt with a lighter brown underside; dark brown eyeshades and extremely dark brown tail tuft/mane

Eye color(s): bright green and deep yellow

Personality: sweet; cheerful; compassionate; friendly; protective; smart; witty

Hami lives up to his name, because he is always looking out for others. He may sometimes come across as overbearing, but he’s convinced it’s his duty and just wants to help in any way he can. He inherited his father’s intellect, and he’s very good at solving problems and thinking things out. From his mother he got his compassionate nature and all-around gentle demeanor. Unlike his father, Hami is a born leader and always treats others fairly when shown respect.

Likes: being with his mother, looking out for others, finding other cubs to play with, outsmarting hyenas, climbing trees, his sister Nala, having a good meal, being looked up to by his friends

Dislikes: his mother or sister being hurt, his father, hyenas, jackals, vultures, going hungry, drought, feeling threatened, being called overprotective

Wants: to make sure his mother and sister are taken care of, to have his own pride

Mate: Asali

Cubs: Nyra, Goma

Crush/crushers: Asali

Relations: Scar/Taka (father), Sarafina (mother), Nala (half-sister), Nuka (half-brother) Ahadi (paternal grandfather), Uru (paternal grandmother), Simba (brother in-law), Kopa, Kion (nephews), Kiara (niece), Mohatu (ancestor), Adia, Taji (grandchildren), possibly many other half-siblings

Friends: always open


Hami came into the world not long after Scar became king, only a few months after the death of Mufasa and Simba. Because Hami was a male, Scar was very pleased with Sarafina, but she wanted nothing to do with him ever since the arrival of the hyenas. From then on Sarafina was careful not to let her son near his father. The young prince was confused… why was mother so mad at father? Didn’t she like him? She told him that Scar had changed ever since he took the throne, and that she just wanted to protect him. Hami understood and obeyed. Besides that, life was fine for the young cub. He walked boldly amongst the hyenas, always managing to find a tree to climb nearby should they give chase. Whenever he was lonely and wished he had someone to play with, Nala always cheered him up and made him feel better. She would tell him stories about the old days when Mufasa ruled and the only thing she had to do all day was run and play with her best friend, Simba. Whenever Hami asked to hear more about Simba, though, Nala changed the conversation. He could only guess at her pain and guilt from the death of her friend.

Around this time, a new and strange pride of lionesses came out of the desert into the Pride Lands. Their leader was a lean, fit looking lioness named Zira who asked permission for her pride to stay a while and rest from their journey across the desert. No-one understood why this small band would make such a long, hazardous trek through the wilderness, but one thing soon became clear to all- Zira was quickly becoming infatuated with Scar. She would often talk for what seemed like hours about him, saying it was her new dream to be his queen and give him strong heirs and so on. Before long it was plain to see that the small pride wouldn’t be moving on from here- not ever. Sarafina did her best to keep this new threat away from her son, as Zira was only becoming more fanatical by the day. Hami was terrified of her- even the hyenas didn’t cross her path. It didn’t take long for Zira’s efforts to pay off- soon she was queen, and pregnant with a cub. This new power went to her head and soon Zira and her followers were picking fights and harassing the pride. To make matters worse, Scar didn’t seem to care at all anymore and let the Pride Lands go to waste, though Zira insisted he was the greatest king ever to rule. The herds vanished overnight, the food and water supply ran out, and Hami knew what it was to go hungry, often for days. Sarabi and the others were fed up with the whole situation- things couldn’t keep up this way. So they hatched a plan- Nala, being the youngest and ablest among them, would leave the Pride Lands under the cover of darkness, take Hami to the safety of the Mountain Pride, and search for help. They had to wait for nights until the moon did not shine, so Nala would not so easily be given away. The day came when Sarafina bid farewell to her two children. She tried to be strong for them, but Hami could’ve sworn he saw a tear escape his mother’s eye. They were soon on their way to the mountain, where Hami would be protected. By the time they reached their destination, dawn was breaking and Nala carried a worn out and sleeping Hami in her mouth. By the time he regained consciousness, he found he was in a strange place with strange lions- and Nala was gone. ‘This must be the Mountain Pride’, thought Hami. He had no idea that he wouldn’t see his sister again for a long time. At first he was terribly homesick for his mother and sister and could not be comforted. But there was plenty of food and water, and even other cubs to play with. One of these cubs was named Asali. At first Hami attempted to be friendly with her, but he found she wasn’t so easily won over- and to make matters worse, their personalities clashed. Hami just had to make the best of things until he could leave. A few seasons went by, and Hami grew into a strong and handsome young lion, with Asali becoming a beautiful lioness in her own right. Even though life was good in the Mountain Pride, Hami couldn’t help but wonder how things were going back home. After asking permission to leave from the king and queen, Hami left the mountains and headed for the Pride Lands before the break of dawn. He almost couldn’t believe it, but he would miss Asali and their ritual bickering. She had certainly grown on him in a strange way. Once he arrived, he found things were drastically different since he had left. There was a new king- his sister’s once-dead friend, Simba- and Nala was queen! The herds had returned, rain had come again, and everything was beautiful and green. Nala rejoiced at the return of her little brother, and Simba embraced him as family. Hami was deeply saddened, though, at the news that his mother had passed. Nala told him she died fighting for her pride, and said she loved him dearly in her dying breath. From that day on, Hami swore he would protect his family as his mother had done for him. A few weeks passed, and Hami was getting to know his sister again along with Simba, who had generously invited him to stay and live at Pride Rock. It turned out that Hami, despite being the son of a tyrant, became very close friends with Simba. One day, not too long before Nala was due to have her cub, a familiar lioness arrived. It was Asali, much to Hami’s surprise. What had she come all the way here for? Hami could only guess what she had in store for him- apparently she had been in love with him for a long time, but never fully realized it until just recently. Hami was floored. She was in love with him?! Then, it was like a blindfold was taken off all at once. It didn’t matter how or when, all that mattered was her- them. But before Hami could get too carried away, Asali had another surprise for him. She listed three essential terms for their relationship: one, she didn’t want to be coddled or protected all the time. She insisted she could look out for herself. Two, she wanted the right to her own opinions and the right to speak her mind whenever she felt it was necessary. And three, she didn’t want him to try and change her or fix her in any way. She was perfect the way she was (according to her, anyway). Hami agreed to her terms, and after some further talking and compromise, they were married by old Rafiki on Pride Rock.

Now Hami is starting his new life in the Pride Lands with his mate, Asali.

Relation to The Lion King: he is the son of Scar and Sarafina, and Nala's half brother

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Renders, Hami (c) Me

Design (c) Maltathecub


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