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Detail Hami~(S15)

Name: Hami.

Name Meaning/Origin: Hami means, "Protector, Patron, Supporter, and Defender". The origin is "Muslim".

Gender: Male.

Age:Teenager (this is his current age inside of my wattpad fan-fic).

Parent(s): His mother is Queen Elea (alive) and father King Akida (alive).

Sibling(s): Msia (brother).

Status: Prince of the East Lands.

Pride(s): Amani Pride (Born and raised, left during his adolescence). Out-Lands (joined Zira's early growing pride soon becoming a member of the Outlands teen to full adulthood).

Crush(es): Amne

Mate(s): Amne.

Cub(s): TOO SOON!

Personality: Fun, friendly, warm, more accepting, compasionate, generous to others, adventurous, charming, very faithful and promising, relaxed, very romantic and close to Amne. 

Short Bio (I am still learning his character in my book! Be mindful that this might be updated more than once as I continue to write his storyline in my fan-fic): Hami is from a place not far from the Pride Lands called, "The East Lands" where he is born second Prince of the Amani Pride. His parents Queen Elea and King Akida are in charge of the pride and majority of the land. His eldest brother Msia is next in line for the throne. Someday Hami will become one of his brother's toughest guards after being well trained of course!

In childhood, Hami started his first couple of years very good and joyful! Him and his brother were very close and often would go on silly adventures being the mischievous boys they are! But as the boys grew older, their time was less spent as two started their seperate duties and trainings. Msia had to learn how to become King and Hami had to learn how to train excellent into become a guard. This meant that the two barely saw ach other around, only at bed or feasting hours.

In teen-hood, Hami has found himself not so interested into royal duties and becoming his brother's guard. He is now bored of it and dreams of doing something different non-royalty. He just wants to particapte in being a normal lion, not a Prince having to deal with so many responsibilites. While on patrol one night, he ran into a lioness named "Amne" and the two instantly clicked. Both live in separate worlds but have a similar mind-set/goal. After each day of hanging out, their intrests grown extremely high creating an amazing bond.

But their bond quickly had came to end when Amne had to join her pride leaving the East Lands. Hami knew this would become a huge problem because, he would not see her ever again. He fell in love with Amne and needed her to stick around. So instead, her joins her side departing his own home with of course his parents consent (approval). It was hard to leave behind his home, but his parents knew he had a right to be happy and to make his own growing up decisions. Hami promised them both and his brother Msia that he wouold return to visit someday.


Picture Credit(s): Head Shot- Truelightportal (Deviant Art) and Body Shot- Truelightportal (Deviant Art).

Character Credit(s): Hami, Amne, Queen Elea, King Akida, and Msia (Belongs to Me!) Link:

Relation(s) TLK: Joins Zira's Pride, lives in the Out-Lands.



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