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Halu (BL)

Halu (BL)


Created by : badlanders

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Private

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Halu (BL)

Name: Halu

Pronounce: Hah- loo

Meaning: Sweet (arabic)

Friends: Kitabu, Thelu, Falme(former), Kama(former), Uru, Ahadi

Parents: Shujae(father) Jamila(mother)

Siblings: Jayid(brother), Muraqaba(sister), Thelu(brother-in-law)

Mate: Kitabu

Cubs: Amala

Pride: Nile Pride (former), Jungle Pride

Rank: Queen

Generation: Little younger than Uru

Personality: Halu is a very flexible person. She can adapt to any situation. Halu is a peacemaker, she would do anything to maintain the Circle of Life.

Likes: Peace and family
Dislikes: Chaos, War, and floods

History: Halu was born during Uru's generation. She was born and raised in the Nile Pride in Egypt as a princess. Halu's Pride was constantly at War with a southern Pride called the Jungle Pride. According to the Nile warriors, they are savage and unlion-like. During her teen years she and her sister Muraqaba created a plan to finally solve the conflict of war. They arranged their own marriages with the two princes of the Jungle Pride. Her parents agreed to this and it was a hard goodbye to the pride, but they knew that their brother would rule well. On their long journey to the Jungle Pridem, they noticed that their Egyptian features stood out in most lions. They did not blend into most of their surroundings, and they both had light ear tuffs sticking out of their ear (to protect their ears from sand). Halu and Mura had a tough time hunting their food, since they would spot them so quickly. When they finaly reached the Jungle Pride, they were famished, Mura went straight to the food not even greeting anylion. Halu met her future mate Kitabu. They hit it off very well. Even though he was different than all the male lions she had seen she felt secure with him. That he would protect her from anything. She was named Queen of the Jungle Pride alongside Kitabu. They traveled and made peace with neighboring prides, including the Pridelands. She met Uru and Ahadi and became good friends with Uru. Kitabu and Halu have a beautiful cub which they named Amala. Amala did not look very much like her mother but she had Nile purple eyes. When Amala was only about a few seasons old (three human years) tragedy struck. The pride's den was near a river where they could hunt fish. One night, a thunderstorm hit the area, the river flooded into the den. desperate to get all the cubs out, Halu saved her neice Laini and her nephew Kuan. The den was filling with water, she was running out of time to save her daughter. She thought all hope was lost as she was swimming but she heard her daughters cried and used all of her energy to bring her to the surface. After the storm was done, she used every ounce of her body to bring her daughter to Laini. Her final words were, "Go to the Pridelands Laini, take Kuan and Amala and go. Tell Uru the Jungle Pride is no more. Go now. You're our last hope for our Pride." She passed away as she saw Laini, Kuan and her daughter leave. Only those three cubs survived the flood, and it was all because of Halu.

How associated with Lion King? Pridelands are mentioned and Uru and Ahadi are friends with Halu

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Your getting very good with your character designs, keep it up!! She is gorgeous :KiaraSmile:

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Thank you Wayward!:NalaHeart: it means alot

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She is beautiful:NalaHeart:

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