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Hajari (S15)

Hajari (S15)


Created by : sky15

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Hajari (S15)

Name: Hajari.
Name Meaning/Origin: It means, "Commander" in "Indian".
Gender: Male.
Age:Adult (6-7 years).
Parent(s): Ni and some unknown name lioness (younger than Ni).
Sibling(s): ----
Crush(es): Reem.
Mate(s): -----
Friend(s): Reem, Kopa, Abelina, Kayin (and many others of the sun pride).
Pride(s): Ni's Pride (born and raised), Sun Pride (left Ni's Pride when he became a young (censored) able to defend for himself, met Reem and Kopa on his journey).
Rank(s): Lead Guard (Protects the Sun Pride from any dangers, does patrolling rounds).
Personality/Bio: Hajari is the son of Ni. He was born in Ni's 'medium size' pride and does not have any royal statuses since Ni is not a King, just a regular leader of the pride. He has many half-siblings older and younger than he (unknown name) since Ni is an older lion (much older than Simba and Nala. He was already an young (censored) when they were cubs). Some of the siblings Hajari knows, some he does not. Out of all his siblings, Hajari somehow did not bond well with Ni. Maybe because Ni was always strict on him about certain things and how it is important for male lions to defend and lead. Ni has had a bad experience growing up being kicked out of his own pride (his previous one) having to battle and start out a pride all over. and losing touch with his 'older' children and other family members. It took him a long time to build again and to find the right lionesses who were loyal to join and bare him cubs (so the pride can expand quicker). Hajari is more close to his mother, which he often spent time with when he was a cub or play with his siblings and/or friends. He made sure to stay out of his father's way because he was mainly afraid of him (not that he was violent or abusive) or just did not 'click'.

When Hajari became a young (censored) at the age of 3, he decides to leave his father's pride to start a new life some place else. He was tired of dealing with his father's nonsense and did not know how much longer he can take it without things becoming "too wildly" serious. It would often worry his mother too and she talked to Ni several times about how he should behave better towards his son and to start a relationship. But Ni was not interested and so was Haraji. So, his mother had no problem with Haraji leaving. She knows he will do great on his own and hope that someday she will see him again whether he visits or she (mainly it will be her, Haraji has no intentions ever coming back to Ni's pride).

A couple of years being unsuccessful at trying to join prides and/or try to build one himself, Haraji was out seeking again for a new place to call home, he runs into a wonderful nice land. There lives a pride called, 'The Sun Pride' ran by two close siblings. The pride was not big nor too small, but a nice regular sized pride. Haraji liked the idea of that and wondered if they had any room for any takers. Before he was about to approach them, he heard a strange call for help. One of the cubs in the pride was in danger with a hyena. Hajari quickly reacted, running over to save the day. He fought the hyena easily (since it was just one oddly) and the cub was able to escape freely. The members of the Sun Pride came to the scene to thank Haraji for his bravery and for also saving a young one's life. Reem and Kopa both were shocked and knew that it was such a wild 'blessing' from the winds that Haraji was there on time to save the cub. Haraji was not accepted into the Pride right away since Reem wanted to test and watch him more before she can truly trust him around. But Kopa on the other hand, loved that there could be a possible new male who appears to be stronger, older, bigger, and polite to join their pride. They needed a guard and Kopa felt that Haraji would fit right in. Reem was unsure about it in the beginning, but eventually eased up and trust that her brother knows what he is doing which turns out to be true in the end. Additionally, Reem treated Hajari's wounds from the hyena attack as a kind favor. Reem in the early stages of him staying around was very skeptical, since he is in fact a rogue male (living alone without a pride), those tend to be the most dangerous ones and the only attack prides for their benefits. It was his intentions in the beginning, but after getting to know Reem more and the fact that she cured his injuries, it meant something special to Hajari. He felt bad in the end and wanted to make things right.

Hajari thanked the two siblings for welcoming him into the pride and promised them both loyalty, strength, courage, and bravery. Later on, he will become the Sun Pride's 'Lead Guard'. His duty is to train all the young males to become guards of the pride and will lead them proudly into victory. Later on though, Hajari oddly discovers his random feelings for Reem as he learn more about her each day. She was everything that a male lion would want, but can sometimes become stubborn which is common for him having multiple sisters (old and young). But what Hajari had no idea was that, he was not the only one setting eyes on the beautiful lioness. A new male named, "Javris" joins the pride and guard team. Him too has intrests in the 'healer' lioness and it causes a huge problem for Hajari. Now he has competition. He annoys him a bit, especially while on the job. He does'nt know what to do exactly yet, but for now he will ignore it and continues to watch the male more.


The Sun Pride, Reem: TheRainbowBandit(C).

Kayin: Sparrowfeather(C).

Njuzi: Sierra(C)

Jarvis: Wild-Fire(C).

Kopa, Ni: Disney(C).

Base(s): Me(C).

TLK Relation(s): Son to Ni, former member of Ni's Pride, joined Simba and Nala children's Pride (Kopa and Reem) earning a position as lead guard.



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May 12, 2020
Usa Is not currently on the site
Yeah, I wanted their first 'meeting' to be different, not someone who is always friendly at first sight (the norm) :) Plus, I also imagined Reem being a bit protective over their pride, not just randomly accepting others, especially when it comes to males, since Hajari is much older than they are. Males are tended to be untrustworthy when joining prides, but not this fella haha and thank you dear! I tried to make his design 'creative' and 'unqiue' as possible xD lol

May 12, 2020
Usa Is not currently on the site
I actually love the idea of him and Reem kind of being on the outs at first. Render potential is strong with this one XD

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