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Created by : Hige Is Epic

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : --------

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

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Detail Fumbe

Name: Fumbe

Meaning: Slave

Age: Young Adult

Gender: Female

Pride: The Rashad pride

Parents: Kalona and faye

Siblings: Farida(Half sister) Imena(half sister) Layla(half sister) Panya(half sister) Ata(half brother)

Crush: Jayde (yes she likes girls, get over it)

Mate: Jayde

Cubs: none

Likes: her  half sisters and  half brother, fight practise, Jayde

Dislikes:  The Badrani pride

Personality: , fiesty, cold shelled

Relation to TLK: none

History: Fumbe was born second eldest after her half sister Farida. She is only related to her siblings by their father  Kalona. None of them share the same mother excpet Panya and Ata who are twins. As should as she grew claws her father taught her how to fight and that the Badrani pride must be eliminated. All her life she was trained to be an assaion to their enimeis prides leader Eze.

Kalona told her that when she was older she would help in the take over of the Badrani pride. She is closest to Panya and Ata, and wants to keep them out of the violence that she is trained for.One day her dad took her to wach a pride called the Outlanders, fight and train. He even brought back one of the females with him.

She is obideint to her fathers wishes, untill she pretended to join the Badrani pride. Something there changes her life forver....

After her father sent her into the territory of the Badrani pride, a brown pelted lioness wandered into her path. She instantly smelled her as a Badrani pride member ( luckily fumbe had washed away the scent of her pride), she growled at the female. Showing off her huge fangs, Even though the stranger looked frightened, she didnt run away and got closer to Fumbe. Fumbe was confused, this female wasnt running away. She didnt understand why. When the lioness got right next to her, she slowly leanned over and stared at Fumbes paw. A huge thorn was jammed into Fumbes paw, fumbe hadnt noticed it and instantly she felt the pain.  Fumbe collapsed and twiched her paw painfully. The thorn was from a deadly plant, and if she didnt take it out now it could kill her.

Quickly the lioness clamped her jaws around the thorn and pulled. Fumbe gritted her teeth and the thorn was removed. Her paw throbbed for a few seconds before it stopped. The lioness licked Fumbes wound clean, she told her that her name was Jayde. Without thinking Fumbe revealed her name to Jayde, Jayde smiled at her and helped her to her paws. She supported Fumbe as she got her bearings, Jayde led Fumbe to her pride.

Fumbe was welcomed into the pride, excpet the Leader Eze( who she was ment to kill) didnt like her. He wanted to send her away but the pride persauded him otherwise. He still didnt like or trust her though. Jayde showed Fumbe around the pride, and introduced her to her younger friend. At night Jayde said Fumbe could share her den, and Fumbe lay listening to Jaydes breathing from the other side of the cave. SHe raised her head and looked at Jayde, a single patch of moonlight had fallen on her face. Lighting up her smile, as she slept. Suddenly Fumbe feyt a strange feeling arise in her stomache, she shook it off and went to sleep.

Over the next few days Fumbe spent more and more time with Jayde. Fumbe began to have fun with Jayde, and they would play, run, hunt , talk for hours. One day when they watched the sun set, Jayde was really quiet. Fumbe asked what was wrong and Jayde asker her if she had any parents. Fumbe told her she did, and Jayde sighed. Jayde told her that her parents were both dead, they had died when she was barely a few weeks old.

Fumbe comforted her, and the feelings she had  before came back. Before Fumbe could tell Jayde of these strange feelings Eze walked over. He ignored Fumbe and looked at Jayde. He asked her to be his mate, Jayde looked annoyed. She hissed at him"Stop asking me! i dont want to be your mate!" Fumbe soon grew angry, she snarled at Eze. She yelled at Eze to leave Jayde alone, that she could choose who she wanted to be mates with. Eze glared at her, he knew what she felt for Jayde. He asked her why. Fumbe was lost for words, she didnt know how to reveal to Jayde that she was in love with her.Eze laughed at her, "Jayde would never love you back!"

 Jayde stared at Fumbe, Fumbe ran off. A singler tear escaped her eye. Her heart and head hurt, Eze was right Jayde wouldnt love her. She stopped infornt of the waterhole where she and Jayde had played before. She noticed how it had flooded. She climbed the rocks and prepared to jump, but before she could jump a voice yeller her name. Jayde came running and in shock Fumbe slipped and fell over the edge of the rock. Her paws scrambled for a hold. Then teeth grabed her neck and she was hauled up onto the safety of the rock. Fumbe looked up at Jayde. Jadye had tears in her eyes, she licked Fumbe's head she murmred "Fumbe.... I love you to!" Fumbe's heart pounded, she loved her back! They padded back to the Pride, nuzziling. Behind them Fumbe heard snickers, gasps, and growls. Her and Jayde and Jaydes pride stared as the Rashad pride appeared. Fumbes half siblings, her mother, the lioness and Kalona.. her father. Eze growled. Kalona stepped forward from thw many shocked faces of Fumbe's pride members. Jayde looked scared, she had heard about this pride, they werent good.

Kalona looked at Fumbe, he spoke." Oh my daughter..... Fumbe, my daughter..."

The Badrina  pride were shocked. Eze snarled at Fumbe."You!"

Fumbe shook her head, "No i .. i!"  Kalona hissed at the Badrina pride. Fumbe blocked his path."Daddy! Please, leave! Hurting others is wrong!" Kalona stared."What has happend to you? where is my coldblooded killing daughter!?" Fumbe shook her head, she had never killed anouther lion before."Please! dont do this, its wrong!"

Kalona grew angry."You do as i command! Thats why i named you Fumbe, it means slave. You are my slave and will do my bidding!" After that Fumbe ran into her prides ranks, she grabbed her younger half siblings. Ata and Panya the twins. After that, her pride slowly moved away from Kalona and stood next to Fumbe. Faye glared at Kalona." Our daughter was never to be a slave!"

Kalona grabbed Jayde and placed a long claw around her neck, Fumbe growled. She attacked  her father and managed to chase him off. Kalona disapeared, and Fumbes pride was excpeted into Ezes as Eze had taken a liking to Fardia. Fumbes older half sister.



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great job andy anyway is she what i think she is (married to a girl)

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