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Fresco Gordie III

Fresco Gordie III


Created by : Windhowler

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Fresco Gordie III

Name (Full)
Fresco Gordie the Third (III)


Same age as Kiara's grandcubs

Type (of animal)
Golden mole

Current Rank Status (in Pride)
Subordinate in own mole tribe
Hired 'scout' for the Isu Keeney's 'Auni' guardians


Small and round and rather fuzzy; he had prominant digging claws and a shiny pink nose.
He has invisible eyes.

Fresco is predominately golden-brown in colour, with a cream snout and throat; he has darker brown patches, where his eyes would be; his nose is pink and shiny and his digging claws a pale yellowish colour.

Distinctive Characteristics
As is typical of Golden moles, he has no eyes - or at least, you can't see them; they are under his skin.


Fresco typically seems to have alot to do and little time to do it. He hasn't much chance to chat, so busy is he. However, he always has time to smile - no relation or close friend will pass him by without receiving one of his broad, friendly smiles, even if he doesn't say a word. There are rare occassions when he'll stop to talk to close acquaintances, but he never likes hanging around for longer than needed. Meaningless gossip especially does not appeal to him. All in all, he loves to get stuck into some work or errand and carry it out properly - it irks him to have anything stand in his way.

Greeting friends; helping his friends, especially when they have big problems; the Auni; eating snakes and termites

Gossip and idle chatter; being held back from important duties; being swooped upon by Audaz and Joya (sometimes both of them); being above ground for too long; other animals' tunnels; Lagiza's Tribe.

Musical/Instrumental Theme
African Shaker


Friends and Relations
The Mole, Malo Mole (elderly friends/acquaintances), Kuchimba (possible relative), Drummer, the Auni, Comoros.

Lagiza the Weaver and his Tribe; predators

Relationships with Other Animals
Fresco is content with associating with those who execute substantial actions and words - gossips and layabouts of any species are not his favourite kind of people. He gets along very well with the Auni, the focused, hard-working guardians of the Isu Keeney who are really the only lions he associates with - besides those Lagiza's Tribe, but they're out to eat him.



Fresco was born on the border of the Pridelands, during the reign of King Kovu and Queen Kiara. He was one of three siblings and part of a mole tribe which wasn't a very communal one - they didn't mingle except at very important gatherings. Fresco was named after both his father (Fresco the II) and his mother's father (Gordie, also Second) - thus, Fresco Gordie the III.

Fresco Gordie (or just plain Fresco to his friends which were few according to the nature of Golden moles) grew up and left his birth nest to begin a solitary life. He claimed his own territory, unfortunately under terrible wasteland, but he got along. He eventually found his 'ground' was riddled with tunnel networks already - but these were absolutely huge tunnels, such as no mole or an animal of similar size could ever make. He soon found out, to his bewilderment, that these tunnels had been made and were inhabited by lions - yes, lions, barbaric types who wore tribal paint and who were led by a cunning creature called Lagiza the Weaver. These lions slunk about in their underground network, their underground home, muttering plans that Fresco couldn't make out at first. He soon put together that they were the arch enemy of a normal, above-ground pride, the Isu Keeney; their plans were to eradicate their foe.

Fresco tried to ignore the lions and keep out of their way. However their tunnels and caverns were so extensive, he could never go a day without having to cross one; the lions eventually discovered Fresco existed and tried to hunt him down, since food was hard to get underground and rarely did Lagiza's tribe venture from their subterranean kingdom. Fresco was soon forced to move from that area, having to travel miles seeking a piece of land for a new tunnel system.

His wanderings took him through the Outlands; here he came upon a nest of termites, which he took to eating - above ground. Fresco was caught at his feasting by a young male lion called Drummer.
Fresco thought he was to be killed - but as it turned out, Drummer wasn't interested in eating him. He was excited to have Fresco work for him - or rather, for his pride, the Isu Keeney . . .

. . . Things were arranged and discussed. At the end of it all, Fresco found himself spying on Lagiza's lions, in return for his own territory within the safety of Isu Keeney lands.



Relation to the Lion King Universe:
Said to be distantly related to Kuchimba the Golden mole - he certainly is acquainted with the Golden mole. He also knows The Mole and Malo Mole. He was born in the Pridelands and was caught by Drummer in the Outlands.


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Thank you!

October 15, 2019
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Saur, Bulba Bulbasaur!
Awww he is adorable!

October 15, 2019
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Thank you! :NalaHeart:

I guess I was inspired by all the cool non-lion official characters that we've been putting up - felt like making something a little different.

I hope he'll incorporate into the 'Auni' story well enough :EdGrin:

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This is such an amazing character! Congrats on Must See, you deserve it!

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