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Created by : Windhowler

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Yellow

Specific type : ---------


Detail Fey


Name (Full)




Depending on fan creation



Type (of lion)


Current Rank Status (in Pride)
Apprentice Hunter





Has a short body on rather gangly legs. Her head is wide. Her ears have strange 'tendrils' of long hair on them - inherited from her mother's fluffiness.



Light golden-yellow fur, with lighter-coloured chest, underbelly, muzzle, paws, around eyes; green-on-golden eyes; dark brown inner ears; rose-pink nose.



Excitable and clever, Fey enjoys discussing one thing: hunting. She is a brainbox of facts on the subject, and knows more than some of the most experienced hunters in her pride.




Things going smoothly; family time; teaching youngsters how to hunt



Problems she can't fix; prey that outwits her





Friends and Relations


Imammu (father), Kelly (mother), Kelele (brother), Kudan and Comoros (uncles), Lilly, Romy (aunties)

Lions of the Peace (Isu Keeney) Pride







Relationships with Other Lions

Gets along with everybody, or at least doesn't see bad in anyone but the worst.





Coming into the world a couple of years after her brother Kelele (to Imammu and Kelly), Feynuus was lucky to be born during a time of peace. Her parents' pride, the Stone Lions led by Obbler, had ceased fighting with another group of lions after long years of bitter war. The Stone Lions united with the pride of Jafiya and Jet.

But although there was no war there was the aftermath - tense confusion, as opposing sides had to learn to live together without bad feeling, share hunting grounds and sleeping caves. It was a hard time, but it was all for the best.


Feynuus and her brother Kelele had relatives from the opposing side of the ended war;
Their father's brother, their uncle Kudan, was second-in-command to Jafiya and Jet. The brothers quickly resolved their differences (they'd never held much bad feeling to begin with), however Imammu's mate Kelly and Kudan's mate Lilly were not willing to forgive as easily. For a good while, the two lionesses avoided each other. Kelly would not give permission for Feynuus to play with Lilly's nearly grown-up cubs, Sakuni and Ola; Lilly would never speak to Kelly and their were cold stares and words from both. There was a terrible air of hostility whenever the lionesses were near eachother, and Feynuus was too young to even guess what it was. She soon understood - luckily it wasn't long after that she managed to change things, quite by accident . . .


Fey had a gift for hunting - or rather, a strong streak of perseverance. This was from her mother. From a young age, she was a dogged learner of her favourite thing: hunting. Her father, who was a prey scout, taught her all he knew about tracking animals until he exhausted his store of hunting knowledge - Feynuus had such a thirst for it. She would ask every lion she could for the tiniest scrap of hunting wisdom to add to her collection. Her long, gangly legs also gave her speed so she could run the fastest of anyone her age.

For practice, Fey would track down almost anything; from beetles to bushes. And brothers; her favourite target was Kelele, much to his half-amusement, half-annoyance.

It was tracking Kelele one day that Feynuus made a grave error. She found marks in the dust and deciding these were scuffs made by Kelele's tail, she followed the trail - right into a den of large and poisonous spiders. She escaped with her life, lucky to be found, lying in delirium, by Lilly, who rushed her back to the pride faster than Fey had ever run or would ever run again.

Feynuus was treated for two spiders stings to her foreleg, one to her face. She recovered, after some days in agony, but this was all worth the final outcome: Kelly, grateful for Lilly's speedy action, forgave her daughter's rescuer, and from then on they were on good terms.

Fey is currently in training as a hunter; as an apprentice, she tags along with all the hunts that take place for the Isu Keeney Pride - and on very special occassions, she goes with her mother and aunts to hunt with Queen Kiara, a great stalker herself. Fey looks for every opportunity to grill Kiara on the secrets of good hunting . . .

Relation with The Lion King Universe:
She visits the Pridelands to hunt with Queen Kiara and her followers.



Design Credits

Credit to SnowLeopard on Animation Source for original design.



Copyrights Note

Feynuus, Imammu, Comoros, Romy, character artwork and Meno Mosso's profile and history (based upon the universe of Disney's The Lion King) (c) Windhowler (Animation Source) aka W.H. Marbles (Blogger) || Jafiya, Kudan (c) Pawface (Animation Source) aka The Little Blue (Blogger) || Jet, Lilly, Kelly (c) -Spottedleaf- (Animation Source) || Kelele (c) Reba_andUnicorn333 (Animation Source) || Kiara, Kovu and The Lion King franchise (c) Disney


Isu Keeney Pride (c) -Spottedleaf-, Gums, W.H.Marbles and Pawface


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SnowLeopard: Yes, I adopted some charries from you - this was my fav :)
I think she used to be called Njaa (?)

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Oh, did I design her? She does look a bit familiar...

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Soooo beautiful!!

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But spiders are tewwifying! It's a vewy sewwyoss subject . . . :icon302:


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Lovely character! And interesting bio! Spiders :icon309:

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