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Created by : Aleu15.

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail EsmeİA15.

Bio to be updated!

Name: Esme 
Meaning: esteemed, beloved
Gender: Female
Age: Varies on use
Mother: -
Father: -
Siblings: Sarabi(Sister) and Kinsue(Brother) 
Mate: Doesn't have one, doesn't need one
Cubs: Elena(Daughter), Koko(Daughter)
Personality: As a cub she was always Outgoing and creative but could also be stubborn around her siblings, she always had a sweet spot for Mufasa and Scar but both broke her heart and she grew up to become bitter and anti-Social, Only time she shows love is towards her cubs.
Likes: family, Long Walks in the Rain, Being alone with her cubs, Hunting Alone.
Dislikes: Males, Others trying to agitate her, Droughts.
Fur: Light Gold Pelt with cream under color, Tan brown ears and eyelids.
Eyes: Dark Teal
Pride: Pridelands
Rank: Huntress, Care taker
Relation To TLK: Sister to Sarabi, Friend of Mufasa and Scar, Lives at pride rock
Biography: Esme was born along with Sarabi, both were loved by mom, although their older brother Kinsue wasn't too impressed he was hoping to have a brother or two, but he still loved them. 
As they Esme got older she enjoyed picking on her older brother, and chasing after her sister, but Esme's favorite thing was to hangout with Muffy(Mufasa) and Taka(Scar). Esme always knew she had a thing for Muffy but didn't feel the need to tell him as she didn't wanna ruin this amazing friendship they all had. Esme soon found out that one day Mufasa would have to be betrothed to one of the young lionesses and a discussion for a new queen went on for a while, but in the End Sarabi got the role as future Queen... That sent Esme into a deep sadness, soon she started questioning that maybe she was a mistake. Until Taka came in and asked her if she was alright and needed a friend, she enjoyed the company from him and grew closer to him then before.
Esme now becoming into a young lioness and showing mature traits in an adult lion it was time she set out on her first hunt with Sarabi hoping they'd bring back a good meal for the pride. As they both headed out Esme got side tracked, she caught the scent she had never smelled before, and it wasn't pleasant, She didn't want to get hurt but she was curious so she went towards the scent and that's when she spotted a male Rouge wandering the lands and before Esme could run back he spotted her and went charging at her. Esme got cornered and that's when the unthinkable happened... Later on after the rouge had beat and took advantage of her, she struggled home in hoping fearing the rouge would return. Once back at Pride Rock everyone hurried over and tried to Comfort her. King Ahadi was Mad of course and when searching for the rouge himself, but he had been long gone.
A few months had passed and Esme gave birth to Two little girls, Elena and Koko both resembled the father but that didn't matter anymore, Esme loved her cubs and promised them that she will protect them for as long as she lives.

Design© Me 
Bases© Me 
(Head base was rendered, body base was drawn)  



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