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Created by : sky15

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Enam~(S15)

Name: Enam.

Name Meaning/Origin: Enam means, "A Gift From God"  in ''Ghana."

Gender: Male.

Age: Varies.

Parent(s): Akilah (mother), Father is unknown (Not around; possible rogue).

Sibling(s): Nakia (sister).

Cousin(s): Chumvi.

Status: Current rogue.

Pride(s): Born and raised in the Western High Lands; the Nguvu Pride (left young adult-hood to start his own pride).

Crush(es): Kyon

Mate(s): Kyon

Cub(s): Emilia.

Personality: Charming, calm, confident, faithful, very focused, strongly independent, kind, patient, trusting, only aggressive when needed (like protecting loved ones), and very understanding.

Bio: Enam is Chumvi's young cousin. Both cousins are from the Western High Lands; a pride called "Nguvu" (it means "strength" in Swahili"). As a cub, Enam and his sister Nakia lived good. They can run and play around freely as a cub should; never having to worry about dangers, such as hyenas or stray lions that can cause a threat. The Nguvu's leader at that particular time was Chumvi's father(Enam and Nakia's Uncle). He worked extremely hard and made sure that his pride and family is well protected.  

As a teen, Enam grew a nice bond to Chumvi. Chumvi taught Enam how to improve his hunts and fighting skills. He was an excellent pro, but somehow Enam could not follow. But Chumvi had great faith in his young cousin, knowing that he will get it someday and of course he was right. Soon eventually all the hard work and practice paid off when Enam caught his first antelope. Chumvi was stunned and very proud.

As a young adult, Enam and Chumvi's close-cousin bond started to fade. Chumvi's father had died from old age. Chumvi is now the current leader of the Nguvu Pride, which makes it hard for the cousin's to ever hang out or see each other on a regular basis, since Chumvi is busy 24/7 with important duties that he must attend. Not to mention, he is a few years older than Enam; a more mature adult male. Chumvi has settled himself down with a beautiful lioness named, "Kula" (his childhood friend) and they are soon planning to start a family.

This makes Enam lonely. All the male lions in the Nguvu Pride are either young or Chumvi's age group. His sister Nakia is busy with the hunting party all of time, so he really does not have any company. Thus, Enam comes up with an idea to leave the Western High Lands to start out his own journey/pride. His mother did not approve the idea of him leaving and feels nervous about his safety, but Enam was able to talk her out of it and gained her trust that he will be alright. He promised that he will come back and visit.

While out travelling for a new fresh start at life, Enam stumbles across a lovely lioness named, "Kyon". He notices that she is with a cub and it is was obvious that she was lost or not known to be around this part of land. Kyon was very hesistant and guarded of herself and her cub; since she was taught that outside males without prides are dangerous. But she doesnt know yet that Enam is just a sweet ole' gentle soul. He wouldnt dare hurt a mother lioness and her cub. That was not how he was raised. Enam can tell that this lioness is hungry.

With caution, he askes her where is she from and offered to hunt for her. Kyon probably could not hunt as much, since she has to keep a close eye on her cub. She would never leave her daughter un-intended. Surprisingly, she allowed Enam to hunt. She was desprate for a meal and wouldnt ignore a easy offer like that. She was very thankful and thought of Enam as a friendly rogue.

As time went on, Enam and Kyon intrests grew high with one another as they became mates and now share a cub together named, "Emilia". Enam's wishful pride does not have an excat location spot yet and the number of members is small, but soon it will grow big in numbers.


Emilia and Kyon: Sierra

Enam, Nakia, Nguvu Pride, Akilah, Western High Lands Pride: ME(C).

Head Top Base:  Aroshae (C) (Deviant Art).

Full Body Bottom Base:  vdafne (C). (Deviant Art).

Relation TLK: Chumvi's cousin.


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