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Elimu (S15)

Elimu (S15)


Created by : sky15

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Elimu (S15)

Name: Elimu.

Name Meaning/Origin: It means, "knowledge" in Swahili.

Parent(s): His father is deceased and mother unknown. He was raised by his uncle.

Sibling(s): None (that he knows of), his older cousin was more of a sibling to him.

Crush(es): Leal.

Mate(s): Leal.

Cub(s): Nakoa.

Niece(s): Nala (because Elimu is mates with Leal, her aunt).

Nephew(s): Mheetu (because Elimu is mates with Leal, his aunt).

Pride(s): The Low Lands (born there and left when he became an adult), Western High Lands (joined when he met Leal, currently lives there).

Rank(s): Warrior; Trained in the art of war and also patrols the territory.

Bio/Personality: Elimu is from a land far away from both the Pride Lands and Western High Lands called, "The Low Lands". This pride is located close to a shore. Because of that, growing Elimu has learned how to swim and hunt fish very well. Plus, finding food was never hard either. Most of the animals would come down for a drink, which was easy access for the lions.

The reason why Elimu left his birth pride was because of the fallen out he has had with his older cousin. Elimu's father died when Elimu was a cub. He was the leader of the pride. It was an accident death that Elimu still blames himself for today. The pain still hurts and he will never forget how horrified and traumatic the event was. It was a sunny afternoon. The pride was hunting for fish and little Elimu wanted to try and catch a fish to please his father. Somehow, the winds were strong that day and the waves were pretty high. It swept and pulled little Elimu away from the shore. He screamed and begged from someone to help and of course his father had come quick to his aid. Elimu was brought back to the shore safely, but not his father.

It was a sad day for the pride, but mostly Elimu. He lost his best friend and the only parent he has known. Since Elimu is still young, his father's brother became next to lead the pride. He ordered a lioness to care for Elimu until he is old enough to defend for himself. Elimu disliked the new changes his uncle has made around the pride and did not like a lioness he does not know to care for him either. Things were like that for a while until his uncle died from an unknown illness. At this time, Elimu is a young adult. Elimu was suppose to be next in line to lead the pride, but somehow his older cousin got the role. It was unfair and very odd. Every one in the pride thought so. It was Elimu's inheritance.

Elimu was very angry about it and confronted his cousin too. The conversation did not go well and ended up as a fight. Elimu gave in and decided to leave the Low Lands, allowing his cousin to stay in his position. He could not stand living there anymore and needed some place new to live. Things have never been the same in his pride every since his father died. He needed to get away from it all and so, he did never returning again. He travelled far as a rogue, meeting trouble along the way with other males and threats which he bravely faced. He battled through dust storms, rain storms, and even terrible droughts. But it was one special day that changed his life forever to the better. He ran into a beautiful lioness his age named, "Leal" one of Sarafina's sisters.

Leal too has run away from home. She needed space from her family to clear her head. Elimu understood as he can relate to some of the things she is going through, which made them become good friends. Despite what they are both going through, they helped each other heal. When Lean finally decided that it was time to return back to her home, she asked if Elimu wanted to come along. He had no place to go, so why not? Plus, the two are starting to fall more for each other, so Leal figured bringing him home and meeting her parents, Elimu might want to stay there. Elimu was very nervous meeting Leal's parents. He never dated anyone, so it was all new for him. Once accepted, he gladly joined the Western High Lands and was given the position to be a warrior. Leal's faather figured Elimu is built strong and can perhaps fight good in battle if needed. Elimu was thankful for the position and was glad to finally find a home good enough for him.

After settling down well in the pride and becoming mates finally with Leal, some time after the sweet couple became parents to an adorable cub named, "Nakoa" who is very loved and appreciative by his family. Elimu is very pleased at how much his son wants to become a warrior and grow up to be just like him, but he had to teach the little lad that being a warrior is serious business and a lot comes to it, not fun and games. But he does know that someday, Nakoa will understand and he can just see the future of how excellent he will be if given the position. For now, he lets the cub enjoy his cubhood.

The day when Nakoa oddly disappeared for a short time and returned back home with bruises and scratches, Elimu became a very protected and worried parent, asking Nakoa so many questions of what has happened to him and where he was, that him and his mother was extremely concerned. They even had the sentries (guards) looking out for him. Nakoa explained everything what had happened, where he was, and who he met. Things cooled down and Elimu felt relaxed, knowing that he was trusted and somewhere safe. He is just glad his son is okay. Him and Leal both took him to the pride's shaman to cure his wounds.


Leal, Low Lands Pride, Western High Lands Pride: Me(C).

Nakoa: Wild-Fire(C).

Base(s): Truelightportal(C), DA.

TLK Relation(s): Mate to Sarafina's sister, one of Nala and Mheetu's uncles.



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Luscience— Hehe, thank you so much! You’re so sweet :icon301: Yes you May and I can’t wait to see what you come up with as well :TLKwink:

Wild- :AsanteSanaSquashBanana:

July 22, 2020
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I love him! :NalaHeart: Would you mind if I drew him and Leal?

July 22, 2020
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You're welcome! I'll try to whip up a design as soon as possible :KiaraLaugh:

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July 22, 2020
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Big bad mods.
He has a very nice design and story! Well done Sky!

I wonder if I could make him and Leal a cub? :)

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